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[9]While we’re on the topic of front groups, it’s worth noting that Rothschild interests likely used Morgan as a front man. InThe Secrets of the Federal Reserve, Eustace Mullins writes on page 49: “Soon after he arrived in London, George Peabody was surprised to be summoned to an audience with the gruff Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild. Without mincing words, Rothschild revealed to Peabody, that much of the London aristocracy openly disliked Rothschild and refused his invitations. He proposed that Peabody, a man of modest means, be established as a lavish host whose entertainments would soon be the talk of London. Rothschild would, of course, pay all the bills. Peabody accepted the offer, and soon became known as the most popular host in London. It’s hardly surprising that the most popular host in London would also become a very successful businessman, particularly with the House of Rothschild supporting him behind the scenes.” Quigley acknowledges that the Morgan firm originated as George Peabody and Company (on pages 326 and 945 of Tragedy and Hope).

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Tragedy & Hope 101
-- Introduction - By G. Edward Griffin
--Chapter 1 - Democracy

--Chapter 2 - Power Behind the Throne

--Chapter 3 - The Network Recovers America

--Chapter 4 - Money: The Ultimate Instrument

--Chapter 5 - The Main Problem – The Main Solution

--Chapter 6 - Rulers Represent Themselves

--Chapter 7 - Sink the League - Raise the Fascists

--Chapter 8 - False and Designing Men
--Chapter 9 - Realpolitik Revisited
--Final Thoughts / Recommended Reading

--Bonus Material




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Tragedy & Hope 101

-Introduction - by G. Edward Griffin
-Chapter 1 - Democracy
-Chapter 2 - Power Behind the Throne
-Chapter 3 - The Network Recovers America
-Chapter 4 - Money: The Ultimate Instrument
-Chapter 5 - The Main Problem – The Main Solution
-Chapter 6 - Rulers Represent Themselves
-Chapter 7 - Sink the League - Raise the Fascists
-Chapter 8 - False and Designing Men
-Chapter 9 - Realpolitik Revisited 
-Final Thoughts / Recommended Reading
-Bonus Material
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Leaving The Illusion - Part 1 (Fiction)
Main Page - Introduction
- Chapter 1 - A Dream Come True
- Chapter 2 - The Hangover
- Chapter 3 - Red Screen
- Chapter 4 - Opportunity Knocks
- Chapter 5 - Full Contact
- Chapter 6 - Engineering
- Chapter 7 - Propaganda
- Chapter 8 - Scientific Chains
- Chapter 9 - Resistance is Futile
- Chapter 10 - Eugenics
- Chapter 11 - No Rights
- Chapter 12 - Decide
- Chapter 13 - No Turning Back
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Dishonest Money 
- Contents - Introduction
- Acknowledgement
-Chapter 1 - Money is Power
-Chapter 2 - Something for Nothing
-Chapter 3 - The Bailout
-Chapter 4 - Dreaming of a New World Order
-Chapter 5 - BUILDING a New World Order
-Chapter 6 - Honest and Dishonest Money
-Chapter 7 - The World's First Central Bank
-Chapter 8 - How They Do It
-Chapter 9 - How We Stop Them
-Ten Humans and a Banker
-We Have the Advantage
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The One-Hour Guide to Successful Thinking (2004)
-Introduction - Thinking Correctly 
-Chapter 1 - Attitude and Gratitude
-Chapter 2 - Goals and Success
-Chapter 3 - Visualization 
-Chapter 4 - Focus
-Chapter 5 - Money
-Closing Summary

Note: I wrote and recorded this audio program back in 2003 - 2004. At that point, these concepts had helped me improve my life dramatically and also helped me achieve my financial goals. 

However, the REAL value of these ideas were proven during the 10-year period 2004 - 2014. This is when, to fund a "civic goal" that required full-time research and writing, I exhausted my savings and sold nearly everything I owned. The work itself was very psychologically taxing, and the added financial pressures only added to the challenge, but the age-old ideas outlined in this course helped me finish what I'd started. They kept me moving forward, and my hope is (whatever challenges you face), they'll help you do the same.


On Sobriety  ( - an alternative to AA)

Home - About
-Chapter 1 - Overview
-Chapter 2 - My History of Idiocy
-Chapter 3 - The 12-Step Approach
-Chapter 4 - The Power of Thoughts
-Chapter 5 - The Power of Self Image
-Chapter 6 - Destroying Your Desire to Drink
-Chapter 7 - Moving on Final Thoughts
Questions and Answers
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Note: Some might wonder why I regularly post stories that are critical of the so-called “War on Drugs.” Here is the simple answer: Just because I didn’t like the way drugs and alcohol affected me and my life doesn’t give me the right (or desire) to tell others how they're supposed to live.


Frankly, it's none of my business, or the government’s business, what an adult does so long as that adult is not violating the rights of others. The “War on Drugs” is a terrible waste of resources, it does more harm than good, and it is an unacceptable violation of the individual’s right to live their own life and make their own choices. –Hope that clears things up.



The 1-Hour Guide to 911


Part 1- No Tinfoil Hat Required: So let's get to the point: Is it REALLY baseless idiocy that drives people to question the official account of 911? Are the millions of Americans (which include Senators, FBI agents, Doctors, Lawyers, Professors, Scientists, Engineers, etc.) all paranoid loons for suggesting a TRULY independent investigation of 911 is needed? --Continue Reading
Part 2 - The Reason They Lie: The history of unchecked power is clear; its tyrannical course, unavoidable. Over and over we have seen the maxim "absolute power corrupts absolutely" played out before us. Personally, I believe those who seek absolute power are already corrupt, but there's no need to split hairs; in the end the same holds true: It is never absurd to question the statements, motives, or actions of extremely powerful people. To the contrary, all evidence suggests it is absurd not to.  --Continue Reading
Part 3 - The Cover Up: The evidence to support the government's claim that fire destroyed all three buildings has no basis in reality...the "evidence" exists only in the form of words. There is no historical data to back their assertions, only historical data to refute them. No models have been able to physically reproduce the phenomena they describe because (as expected) the laws of physics cannot be violated. --Continue Reading
Part 4 - The Evidence: For the record, few in the scientific community doubt that it's theoretically possible for a building to experience failure if it is subjected to devastating heat for a sufficient period of time. And additional factors like no fire-proofing, no sprinkler systems, insufficient steel to "bleed off" heat or inferior construction greatly increase the possibility. However, what is "doubted" (or more accurately; considered downright impossible) is that such a failure would resemble anything like what was witnessed on 9/11. ...Gradual, isolated, asymmetrical failures spread out over time; perhaps. Simultaneous disintegration of all load bearing columns (leaving a pile of neatly folded rubble a few stories high), no way. --Continue Reading
Closing Summary - The 911 Truth Movement
The main goal of the 9/11 truth movement is (logically enough) to uncover the truth of what really happened on 9/11. Those charged with writing the official government theory (the 9/11 Commission) promised us "the fullest possible account." However, by limiting the parameters of their investigation (to "avoid placing blame") their stated goal became impossible. Vital evidence was ignored and, even when they suspected they were being lied to, nobody was held accountable. --Continue Reading

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