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Ron Paul Highlights in 2/22/2012 Debate

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Ron Paul Highlights in 11/09/11 Presidential Debate

Ron Paul Highlights in the 10/18/2011 Presidential Debate

Ron Paul in the 10/11/2011 Presidential Debate

Ron Paul in the 9/22/2011 Presidential Debate

Ron Paul in the 9/12/2011 Presidential Debate

Ron Paul interview - Concord 8/18/11 (HIGHLY Recommended) 

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A Day's Wage: Funding the (second) American Revolution  
(Written in support of Ron Paul during his 2008 run for President) 

Those who founded our country, in nearly every respect, were much "freer" than we are today. Modern government reaches farther into our personal lives and pocket books than even King George III would have ever dreamed possible. And yet, despite the colonists' significant level of freedom, they risked every penny of their treasure, their lives and indeed their "sacred honor" to shed the Empire that claimed authority over them. 

We know how their story ended and today we enjoy (what remains of) the fruits of their labor. But do we ever really think about the sacrifices they made, or the heart-wrenching decisions they must have struggled with? What were the odds of their success against the most powerful military on the planet? Do we ever imagine what a single day in their shoes might have been like? ...a rag tag militia at war with a better trained, equipped, fed and paid Imperial Army? Perhaps a few words from David McCullough's book 1776 will provide some perspective:


The retreat of George Washington and his battered little army, southward across New Jersey, began the morning of November 21. --Heavy rains had left the narrow road sloppy with mud, and the men were in tatters, many without shoes, their feet wrapped in rags.


--In less than two weeks, on December 1, the enlistments of 2,000 of his troops would be up, the men free to go. It was the same nightmare prospect he had faced at Boston exactly a year before, and with the misery of the men greater now than ever, and morale suffering, there seemed every chance that (two thirds of) his army would evaporate before his eyes.


--It rained heavily on November 22, the day the army reached Newark, and rain fell through that night and again the next day. "The sufferings we endured are beyond description - no tent to cover us at night - exposed to cold and rains day and night," one soldier would remember...

The freedoms that these brave souls (somehow) managed to secure for us have NOT been properly defended. As we were warned, the laws AGAINST government power (enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights) have been deliberately eroded by "false and designing men." ...and yet, by some miracle, we are still in a position today that our founders would envy. 

-You see, where they had to defeat a seemingly invincible army against "impossible odds," we do not (as of now) have to overcome that obstacle. Where they had to suffer the process of creating a truly revolutionary form of government from scratch, we do not have to bear that burden. Where they had to face and endure challenges most of us cannot possibly imagine, the "battle" we must face and the "sacrifice" required of us are both embarrassingly minor. As a matter of fact, they hardly qualify as a "battle" or "sacrifice" at all.


In short, our battle consists of getting a strict adherent to the founding principles back in control of our White House (as luck would have it, we have such a man) and the sacrifice needed to win that "battle" consists of reaching into our wallet or purse, taking out a check, credit, or debit card, and pledging a day's wage. -Knowing how much we stand to gain, can we seriously demand a "lower price?" Or, put another way: Knowing the price is poised to go much higher, is it wise for us to wait?  

It is not an exaggeration to say that there is "only one candidate" capable of leading this country in the manner it was meant to be led. For more than 40 years, first in the military and then in Congress, this candidate has upheld his sworn oath to "Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic." While the rest of our representatives have shamelessly neglected their oath of office, he has stood (often alone) to guard the principles on which our country was founded. If you haven't yet met the man, you can do so below. 

Keep in mind, even if 99 out of 100 Americans give NOTHING, more than one million "politically active" Americans will remain. ...And with one million Americans funding this (second) American Revolution, our candidate will amass a campaign fund so large, his message will be unstoppable. When that happens, the "Establishment servants" (like Rudy and Hillary) won't have a chance. 

Please, join the battle to take our country back. Give a day's wage to Ron Paul's campaign right now: 
(NOTE: The article above was written for the 2008 campaign. Here is the link for Ron's 2012 Presidential campaign: )

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