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It's about beating the Establishment

Since day one of Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign, the establishment media has done everything it could to convince you that Ron Paul is an extremist, a cook, a fringe candidate that can’t possibly win and absolutely should NOT be taken seriously. 


Despite their attempts to ignore or ridicule him into irrelevance in 2008, Ron Paul still raised well over 30 million dollars and even trounced ‘top-tier’ media darling Rudy Giuliani in Iowa. Now, four years later, Ron Paul is poised to beat all contenders in Iowa. What exactly does this mean? 


Quite simply, it means that the Establishment is losing its ability to manipulate the public into supporting its candidates. It means people have realized that there is no substantive difference between the ‘Establishment Left’ and the ‘Establishment Right.’ …It might even mean that people have grown tired of hearing that their preferred candidate ‘can’t win,’ so they better vote based on ‘party’ and ignore their own principles. This game is changing and all the proof you need can be seen in the failed attempts to stop the ONLY anti-establishment candidate running under a major party label in 2012. 


Now, it goes without saying that the Establishment is obviously going to continue trying to make sure that only its two horses will compete in the final race for the presidency. That way, if Obama wins, nothing that's important to the Establishment will change. If Romney or Newt Gingrich wins, NOTHING that is important to the Establishment will change. 


In short, if the people elect another establishment-endorsed candidate, you can rest assured that the Federal Reserve System will not be addressed. Our financially unsustainable and anti-American foreign policy will not be addressed. The Bailouts and crony capitalism will not be addressed. The destruction of our civil liberties will not be addressed. The eventual destruction of our currency and the REAL threat that poses to our national security will not be addressed. 


So, as you watch the next few minutes of video and as you see with your own eyes how the Establishment is doing whatever it can to manipulate you into making ‘the right choice,’ I want you to keep just one thing in mind: This election isn’t about beating Barack Obama. It’s about beating the people who Barack Obama serves. This election isn’t about beating Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich. It’s about beating the people that either of those men will serve. 


If you’re tired of being manipulated and if you’re tired of watching an overgrown and unaccountable system squander away our wealth our rights and our good name, then take a good long look at the one candidate that both the Establishment left and the Establishment right has attacked nonstop for the past 4 years.

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