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Government without Income Tax

Over the years, I’ve gotten into many discussions with people regarding the intended nature of our Federal Government and how one of the major limitations on its power (the "power of the purse") was subverted in 1913. Specifically, when the “Federal Reserve System” and the “Federal income tax” were created in 1913, they destroyed all reasonable limitations on how much money the Federal Government had access to. Subsequently, they also destroyed all reasonable limitations on the Federal Government's ability to expand far beyond its constitutional role. 


When discussing the issue of taxation, the average American has a tendency to defend “income tax” as being necessary to fund government at the Federal level. (Below, that very point is made by a visitor to Hopefully this short article will put the issue into its proper perspective.



As for the income tax, only an anarchist thinks a country can survive without taxation.

My Rebuttal:

These are two separate issues. One, the issue of needing "taxes" to finance government. Two, the issue of whether or not an INCOME tax is needed to finance our FEDERAL Government.   
Few Americans realize that this country DID NOT have a Federal income tax prior to 1913. Think about that for a minute. America went from being a "start up" (in 1776) to the most prosperous nation on the planet without an "income tax." (Let alone the intrusive, bloated and dare I say "unconstitutional" government that goes with it.) 
Corporate taxes, taxes on alcohol, tobacco, firearms, tariffs on trade, military hardware sales, etc.; these would be more than enough to fund the "constitutionally limited” Federal Government established by our founding fathers.  Or, to put it another way, if the income tax was abolished today, the Federal government would still have over a TRILLION dollars annually to fund its operations. (Even after adjusting for inflation, this is still an obscene amount of money compared to what it used to operate on.)
Also, few realize that a huge percentage of the income taxes collected do nothing to fund government programs. The money is simply burned away as interest payments on the debt that our "leaders" have accumulated for us. Whatever benefit (real or imagined) the borrowed money was supposed to have, the actual cost of all those programs increases drastically when you include the added expense of interest payments. How much is added? Currently, interest payments on our 10 TRILLION dollar debt are costing American taxpayers about 50 million dollars PER HOUR. That is every hour of every day, every week of every year.  (Approximately $450 Billion a year) 
Now, you'd think our elected officials would be a little worried about this. You'd think they'd want to get rid of the national debt and "free up" all that money currently being wasted on interest payments. Instead, they continue to spend money like there is no tomorrow. More specifically, they are currently adding more than 60 million dollars PER HOUR to the debt we already have. 
Do the majority of Americans consider this acceptable? Very unlikely, but it doesn't matter because we can no longer "turn off" the spigot. Those who engineered the system we’ve been living under, since 1913, were careful to make sure of that. 
You see, the "Income Tax" is just part of the equation. The other part (also created in 1913) is the Federal Reserve Banking System. This central bank was created to act as an exclusive lender to our ambitious friends in Washington DC. Now, instead of having to go to the American people for money, the government could just go to their friends at the Federal Reserve. And "The Fed" bankers would be happy to loan whatever was requested. 
To put the importance of this arrangement into perspective, consider the following: 
When you and I "give money" to the government, it COSTS us money. You and I have to actually earn wages before we can hand them over and, in handing them over, our financial power is depleted. When the bankers give money to the government, they EARN money. Unlike us, bankers can simply print whatever the government needs prior to handing it over and, in handing it over, their financial power (in the form of interest payments) is enhanced. 
So, the bigger the government gets and the more debt it acquires, the greater the burden on you and I becomes. On the other side of the equation, the bigger the government gets and the more debt it acquires, the greater the benefit to the bankers. Where government spending and debt costs us our wealth, government spending and debt makes them theirs. It goes without saying that this system is antithetical to the concept of "limited government." 
The Creature from Jekyll Island (written by G. Edward Griffin) is perhaps the single best resource I’ve seen regarding this dangerous partnership. It not only covers how the take over of 1913 was engineered but it also covers the goals of the international bankers who made it all happen. Their final aim is nothing less than the destruction of American sovereignty and merger of all nations into a financially controlled "one world government." To read this book is to learn more (in 20 hours or so) than a lifetime of “public schooling” or “mainstream news” would ever teach you. It is everything the criminal elite don't want you to know about their anti-American agenda. (For a shorter "introduction" to the information, you can check out "Dishonest Money: Financing the Road to Ruin." (Video interview below.) 
Now, back to where this all started: Can we support our Federal Government without an income tax? That depends. The corrupt, overgrown, unconstitutional government we currently have? Absolutely not. The constitutionally limited government America was supposed to have? Absolutely. And if we don't gain control of this "creature" that is feeding on our country, we will inadvertently facilitate the destruction of everything America was meant to be. Rest assured that won't happen by accident; it will come to us by design. 


"I sincerely believe... that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies..." --Thomas Jefferson



J. Plummer 1.13.06
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Bio: Joe Plummer is the author of Dishonest Money: Financing the Road to Ruin, the novel entitledLeaving The Illusion, and Tragedy and Hope 101

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