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Letter 7

A Letter to George Noory (Regarding his "911 Roundtable Discussion" on 6.16.05)

  Hi George,
  Peter Lance and Alex Jones seem to agree on the following:
That there are very dangerous / dishonest people who hold powerful positions in our government. That these same people will lie and manipulate to get what they want. For instance, they won't hesitate to launch an illegal war which in turn leads to the MURDER of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, the destruction of thousands of American Families, and the theft of hundreds of billions in American tax dollars. (If the war had been LEGAL and no lies were told to launch it, we could not so easily call the money "Stolen" and the "collateral damage" MURDER. But of course by now, we know otherwise.)
Additionally, both Peter and Alex seem to agree that those who are currently in power are using the 911 tragedy to forward "plans" that otherwise could have never been advanced. -Now that is an important point. We simply can't pass over evidence that shows these people had LONG WANTED to do exactly what they are doing now, but had admitted amongst themselves would be difficult absent some "catalyzing event."
And finally, I'm sure both Peter and Alex would agree that our rights are being intentionally eroded and there is a move to establish unprecedented control over the American Citizenry. (But of course..."Pax Americana" just won't happen without that added measure.) 
So here is what I don't understand:
How exactly is it that Peter has no problem acknowledging these MONSTERS would lie, manipulate, murder, steal, and destroy the founding principles of our country (in order to facilitate their visions of empire) but he CAN'T seem to accept the same monsters would actively participate in an event that would (imagine this) FACILITATE THEIR VISIONS of EMPIRE?
He gets all bent out of shape when Alex uses the term "Shadow Government," but WHAT DO YOU CALL those in power who are secretly acting in a coordinated and criminal nature against America?


  ...Fine, let's not call them the "shadow government." ...lets call them the "under-government," or the "corrupt government" or how about this: The BASTARDS who are using our government to fulfill their own sick and twisted objectives. It is a little wordy, but it gets the point across. 
Simply stated, The Northwoods document proves that high ranking officials in our own government WOULD conspire to PROVOKE and ALLOW an attack in order to further a military agenda...worse; it PROVES they'd actually manufacture an attack if they felt it was necessary.  






If that doesn't prove to Peter that it's NOT "ridiculous" or "absurd" to suggest that some in our government would do the unspeakable (to help them achieve things equally unspeakable) ...well then, I don't suppose anything will.


Best Regards,
Joe Plummer


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