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Ron Paul and the future:Nothing has changed

There is still only ONE candidate fit to be President of the United States of America…nothing has changed.


–Only ONE who fully understands our corrupt monetary system; only one who understands how that system has corrupted our entire government. –Only one willing to put his life on the line to dismantle what “The Establishment” has spent decades building. …nothing has changed.



Whether it’s TRILLIONS to maintain and expand our foreign empire or TRILLIONS to maintain and expand our domestic (government-managed) “social safety net,” both will destroy what remains of our country just the same. Those TRILLIONS pose a greater threat to the well being and future of this country than any enemy (real or manufactured) that we face. Nothing has changed.



Today, the Federal government controlling these “United States of America” is an outright abomination. It has more in common with the USSR of yesterday than the founding principles of LIMITED “servant government” enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. At the highest levels, its members ignore with impunity the “Supreme Law” they swore an oath to Preserve, Protect, and Defend.  Not even the illusion of “accountability” remains.  History is repeating itself…



Human beings have fought each other for control since the dawn of man. And though the reins of power have been passed around the globe, and the conditions of those living in subjugation have varied greatly; the fundamental structure of human “society” has remained constant. There has always existed an elite class that dominates and (by extension) an “inferior class” that is dominated.



The Ruling Class uses its wealth and influence to shape the world as it sees fit, often with little or no concern for those who are adversely affected by its actions. In fact, “rulers” throughout history have demonstrated an undeniable sociopathic indifference toward the suffering of others. In the past century alone, they have been responsible for (and profited from) the deaths of hundreds of millions of men, woman and children.



Whether you “buy into” their promises of safety marketed as “welfare” or their promises of safety marketed as warfare, you pour more wealth and power into their hands. Both of these "government programs” pave the way for the violation of our “inalienable rights.” Both serve as a mechanism for concentrating their control.  And as their power grows, the violence directed at those who dare to resist it also grows. Sadly, nothing has changed.



If there is good news, it is this: By withholding the wealth we create (and abolishing or weakening “The System” that allows our wealth to be seized via covert confiscation) we can free ourselves from involuntary servitude. We can weaken and dismantle the dishonest, cruel, and exploitive machinery that has taken control of so many lives. We can take back what has been taken from us.



But what if the people are too cowardly to stand and fight – too easily corrupted by “promises” that perpetuate crime and exploitation? There is still “good news.” The greed and inhumanity that drives these parasitic systems always “kills the host.” The question isn’t whether or not the system and its benefactors will eventually fail; it’s whether or not we (the people) will go down with the ship. We have a choice. We’ve always had a choice. Nothing has changed.


Joe Plummer 2.6.08
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