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Terror, Power, and NeoConservative Ideology

Neoconservatives desperately needed more power, and that power was delivered on a silver platter in the form of 9/11.


Neoconservative documents have long professed a desire to rule the world. Their own documents show they knew a truly "American" society would never support their plans. ...their own documents show they understood the BENEFIT of a "New Pearl Harbor."


It has never been easy to take over the world. It has always required a certain kind of person; a person capable of things most others are not capable of. -That they must be willing to lie, cheat, murder, maim, and manipulate goes without saying. That they must accept millions of innocent civilians will suffer and die as a result of their conquest goes without saying. That they can't be bothered with such things as "moral consistency" goes without saying. 


Knowing this, it is time for some intellectual honesty. It is time we finally accept that criminal means are no way to secure so called "moral ends." -And those who profess goals that can only be had using criminal means reveal exactly what kind of people they are.


Those who now launch illegal wars of aggression, torture, murder, maim and manipulate (in our name) have acted exactly as we should have expected them to. Their actions are an inescapable requirement of the goals they have set and intend to achieve. That they are actively trying to erode the limitations on government power (outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights) should come as no surprise either. This too is a requirement if they are to reach their goal. 


So here we are. Regardless of your take on 9/11 (whether you believe it was a complete surprise, it was allowed to happen, or it was made to happen) we can all agree on the following: 9/11 furthered an ideological agenda that, absent the attacks, would have NEVER been possible. Right now, we are witnessing a transformation in America unlike any in its history. And on that point, I'd like to quote the fathers of this revolution,:


"The process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor." -Quoting the Neoconservative organization: Project for a New American Century.


When we surrender the founding principles of our country so easily, what message do we send? Do we discourage those willing to employ criminal means or do we tempt them? And if otherwise unattainable rewards can be had, and no accountability suffered, what are the drawbacks of doing "whatever it takes?" Dare I say (when dealing with a "certain type of person") there are none?


In short, the Neoconservative ideology is inherently evil because it necessitates a willingness to do "whatever it takes."  Anything that stands in the way of their objective is the enemy; whether it is truth, justice or (in our current situation) the American way.


Now is the time for us to decide whether or not we are going to tolerate this assault on our way of life. We as American citizens must question the wisdom of placing our trust, our money, our security, our freedom, and the lives of our children, in the hands of men willing to lie, cheat, murder, maim, and manipulate.


Make no mistake, their ultimate aim is the destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. -In that alone, their ultimate aim is the destruction of America. They've suggested another major attack on an American city could be all it takes to implement "emergency powers" and a "military form of government." You tell me: Will they get their way? Will YOU concede and fall in line, or will you stand with the rest of us who are committed to defending America from ALL ENEMIES? (Foreign and Domestic.) Time will tell-


J. Plummer 7.27.06

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