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Judd Gregg

(In response to this article)


Excuse me Sir, but there is no greater threat facing this nation than the prospect 9/11 was "allowed" or actually guidedby criminal elements within our Federal Government.


Surely you must realize an "open discussion of the facts" threatens only those with something to hide. You wouldn't want to protect those with something to hide, would you? To do so would only give "aid and comfort" to the terrorists.


You wrote:

"In my view, there are limitations to academic freedom and freedom of speech"


In MY VIEW it's inappropriate for a man who swore an oath to defend our Constitution to speak of limiting freedom of speech; especially in matters as important as 9/11.


Our foreign and domestic policy has been hijacked by a radical group who (in your own Washington DC circles) were once referred to only as "The Crazies." Does that not concern you? Does the long list of "intelligence failures" that gave The Crazies everything they wanted not concern you? Does the scientific evidence that proves the official account is impossible not concern you?


We, the American People, are concerned. And because so, we aren't asking for a new investigation; we're demanding one. Our numbers have grown to 80 million and are increasing every day. Do you consider that insignificant? Have you actually looked at the evidence that has convinced so many of your own constituents?


Regarding the contention that 9/11 might have involved more than 19 crazed hijackers commanded by a man in a cave, you wrote of "an affront to the sensibility of most all Americans,"


Sir, if I told you that criminal minds (within our own government) have conspired to completely manufacture a pretext for war, would you really consider that an affront to your sensibilities? Seeing as that you're in government, I find it very hard to believe. Surely you must know at least a few power hungry people in Washington who're willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. And even if you don't, I expect you have some knowledge of history and the maxim "absolute power corrupts absolutely."


I have a suggestion for you and those who share your views: If you find the assertion that "the terrorists" might have had a "helping hand" in 9/11 offensive, do something to address the evidence that supports that assertion. We're not interested in hearing tired clichés, nor will we tolerate attempts to bury the evidence or silence those who present it. With all due respect: Contribute something of value to the debate, or stay out of it.


Joe Plummer (New Hampshire resident) 

For more information, reference: The 1-Hour Guide to 9/11


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