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Pick Your Pieces - Some Thoughts to Think About

I'm still making some small edits, but all of the major writing/rewriting and proofreading is complete. The free version of Pick Your Pieces is available below. Print and digital copies should be available for purchase in March 2023. 





First, I want to thank you for caring enough about yourself and the world to read a book like this. As of 2023, we’re facing plenty of social, personal, and political challenges. The upside is that these challenges are forcing us to find healthier ways to cope and overcome. It’s counterintuitive, but the “bad” is paving the way for the better. We’re making progress because of people like you.

Second, I’ve also got to thank my old friend Jim Principi. Jim, your sincere interest in this material, along with your encouragement and feedback, kept this project moving along. Thanks to you, I finally stopped “thinking about” writing this book and, instead, actually got it done. “Pick Your Pieces” is here in 2023 (rather than 2033) because of you!


This is not a political book, but it is an attempt to facilitate the creation of a competing parallel system – a system that you can build within yourself, a psychological system that protects against the onslaught of modern-day challenges and programming that we all have to endure.

Except for the introduction, most of this book consists of separate, stand-alone passages under 200 words each. (For context, the introduction covers the absolute mess I was when I was younger, and the short passages cover the ideas and perspectives that not only helped me unwind that mess but continue to help me decades later.)

I sincerely hope you’ll grab a pen or pencil and, as you’re reading, highlight passages that speak to you, and use the “notes” section to record why. Likewise, if you’re bothered by a particular passage, write out your argument against it. Consider creating your own index of passages that you want to revisit again. Bottom line: Mark this book up; make it your own. Lastly, be patient with this material. When you encounter ideas that require more thought (an hour, a day, a week or longer), set the book down and give yourself some time. You’ll gain more.

Please, if you find this information useful:
1) Let others know that they can read for free at
2) After the book is published, leave a rating or short review at Amazon or your preferred book review site(s).
3) If you really like it, pick up a copy for somebody you care about.

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