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To win this fight we must unite    
...our enemy has breached the gate.
For too much time, they've kept us blind
...divided us with lies and hate.

Politicians sell their missions
...warfare, welfare - all the same.
Gaining power to devour the premise of the game.

Endless wars for our demise, endless evil in disguise,
...every crime is "noble" when the rulers are divine.  
Scheming tyrants bought the show, to lead us where we'd never go
...and now the truth is something they can never let us find.

Growing sour by the hour
...countless millions now can see,
a clever state will subjugate,
...while claiming that it keeps you free.

Robbing, ruling, raping, drooling,
...the worst among us fought their way,  
into power over our
...each and every waking day.

End the war and end the lies, the time has come for their demise,
...a better world awaits us all when they are cast aside.
And in their absence let us see, that "freedom" and "security," something we cannot "elect" another to provide. 

-J. Plummer 3.9.2006
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