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How will you pay for it?

Dear Dr. Paul,


In your last letter, you welcomed “suggestions” from your supporters. I think there is one “talking point” that has not been hammered deep enough into the rhetoric of your “competition.”


Put me on stage with any of the Imperial policy candidates (pretending to be conservatives) and I would say the following: 


Many of you up here are ignoring the greatest threat this country faces. You claim that you want to “protect America” and yet the way you’ve decided to do so is guaranteed to bring America to her knees. The same thing that destroyed the Soviet Union less than two decades ago is now unfolding before our very eyes.


In short, nearly all of you support continuing and EXPANDING our current foreign policy. Even if I agreed with you that this disastrous course would somehow make us “safer” (and to be clear, I tend to agree with the CIA when they say that overthrowing democratically elected governments and propping up puppet dictators only makes America lesssafe) I still would have to ask you this question: HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR IT?


1. Will you continue going with your hand out and your “hopes high” to the Communist Chinese? …Allowing the Chinese, literally, to set America’s foreign policy budget? And if so, is our country really “safe” when the best plan its leaders have crafted depends entirely on the generosity of a foreign (Communist) government? Is that your plan?


2. If not borrowed trillions from the Chinese, then do you plan on taxing the citizens to make up for the shortfall? How much would you have to increase taxes to finance your foreign policy agenda on a “pay as YOU spend” basis? 20%? 40%? …More? And what money will remain to pay off the enormous 10 trillion dollar debt (plus compounding interest) that’s being pushed off on our children and grandchildren? And what of the $60 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities? It doesn’t sound workable to me. Is that your plan…to raise taxes?


3. If not financed by the Communist Chinese, and if not extracted from the American people in the form of taxes, what is left? …The printing press? Is that your plan? To further destroy the value of our dollar by simply “printing the money” in any amount you desire? And when the inevitable consequences of this totally reckless and provably unsustainable “solution” hit our country, what will you do then? How will you continue “the plan” you’ve set into motion? 


Actually, I can answer that question for you: You will be forced to abandon it. You will be forced (as every overextended government throughout history) to face economic reality. And as a result of waiting so long to face reality, you will have put America at great risk and caused incalculable (UNNECESSARY) suffering.


The American people, in nearly every poll, have stated that the economy is the issue they’re most concerned about and they’re right to be worried. You and those like you are literally bankrupting this nation. So again, the question is simply this: HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR IT?


And please, spare us the platitudes about “Americans will dig deep” or, “the people will rise to meet the challenge.” We want specifics. Will you sustain (and build) your plan for American safety on the back of a Communist nation’s generosity, will you do so on the backs of the American taxpayer, or will you do so by printing the American dollar into oblivion? And if you cannot answer how you intend to FUND your plan to “protect America,” how can we consider you a serious candidate? (Don't worry, we'll ask "the Democrats" the same question when they present theirplans for bankrupting our country.)  



Joe Plummer 1.10.08
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