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Break Free From Left vs Right

You've heard from the "left" and you've heard from the "right." It's time for a word from the "neither."


Back in 2005 I wrote


"Taking a serious look at government wrongdoing is no easy task. Not because the damning evidence is hard to find, but because the truth (once found) is very hard to swallow. How does one reconcile the fact that we are being led into slavery (and to slaughter) by a group of pathological liars who, ironically, have been appointed to 'protect us?' 

How does one come to grips with the fact there are still millions of Americans who believe there is agood half of the government and a bad half? An intellectual twilight zone where 'good' has nothing to do with the ACTIONS of elected officials and everything to do with whether or not they’ve dressed themselves in blue or red."  


I still receive emails almost daily from people who point out what's wrong with "the left" or "the right." I hope this post will provide another perspective...


The "left / right" paradigm is an instrument of control. It's designed to keep us divided and at each others' throats. (Classic "balance-of-power" politics. Play two sides against each other, weaken both sides and gain power in the process.)

Here is the sad reality of our political system: Criminals (in the truest sense of the word) control the direction and "policies" of our government. I will refer to these criminals as "The Establishment."

The Establishment chooses who you get to "choose from" in major elections. (They decide who will get media coverage, who will be presented negatively or favorably, whose campaigns will be funded, etc.) In the end, the Establishment's interests will be served regardless of who wins. The "warfare state" and the "welfare state" both funnel money and power into the Establishment's coffers.

Regarding "Domestic and Foreign Policy," the Establishment decides what IT WANTS and if it's unable to achieve it secretly, it uses propaganda (the media, schooling, government, etc.) to "sell" the idea to at least half of the politically-active electorate. If that fails, it does what it wants anyway.

The "reason" the Establishment gives you for seizing new power or implementing "new programs" never matches the real reason. They lie. Always. (If on the off chance they do something that contains a "humanitarian element," it's only to perpetuate the myth that they serve you. They don't. It's Hollywood....a "photo op.")


In short, the Establishment employs men and woman on "both sides" of the isle. Men and woman who are happy to spend our nation into oblivion, ignore Constitutional limitations on their power and expand government every chance they get. On both the "left and right," our leaders increase the coercive power of the government NOT for the good of the people, but for the good of those who ultimately control it. 

If you're looking for more information on the Establishment, how they operate and what their ultimate aims are, this is a great place to start: Invisible Empire


And, of course, my book Dishonest Money: Financing the Road to Ruin covers one of the most powerful tools being used against us. (Our so-called "Federal Reserve System.")


Joe Plummer

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