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The Big Government Shell Game

Big government is a weapon like no other. As if by magic, it can turn blatant criminal action into something perceived as "good and noble." Whether you want to gain an unfair advantage over emerging competition, fund a project that nobody would ever willingly pay for, or earn hundreds of billions of dollars from the slaughter of innocent civilians around the world; NOTHING can deliver like big government.


Yes indeed, big government is a weapon like no other. And for this reason, powerful groups will always "lobby" for control over it. We the people have been tricked into thinking the abomination is there to serve us; nothing could be further from the truth. We are merely the slaves that erect, expand and sustain the State. We serve no other purpose. -The sad reality? The State exists for its own sake, to protect its own interests and prevent the rise of anything that might challenge its criminal monopoly.  


Our founding fathers knew well the dangers of big government. They repeatedly warned us that our freedom would be lost if government power was not kept in check. They wrote our Constitution and Bill of Rights in an attempt to limit government power. They even took the time to warn us of "false and designing men" that would try to "rob us of our liberties" using well established tricks. (Like offering security in exchange for freedom.)


The depravity of our rulers is inconceivable to the average Joe. He's like one of millions of other "marks" being scammed in a shell game. A few simple choices are offered; the rules and premise of the game seem easy enough to understand. Confident that he "gets it" he's happy to play. Little does he know the game he THINKS he's participating in doesn't actually exist. Regardless of the choice he makes, he cannot win. It's a con. He's being robbed, but because the thief is clever, the victim will never know.  


"False and designing men" have robbed us of the government we once had. They've robbed us of LIMITS on government power and in so doing they've opened the door to abject criminality and exploitation. Once again, we've fallen prey to an age old lie: The State's promise that it will produce "moral ends" out of criminal means.


The table on which the current shell game is played was built for us in 1913. By establishing the Federal Reserve Central Bank and the so called "income tax," a profitable criminal enterprise unlike anything in the history of mankind was created. The criminals who profit from this enterprise (to the tune of trillions of dollars per year) will do whatever it takes to protect it. Not terrorists, not foreign governments, not natural disasters or pandemics; We the people are the greatest threat to their game. Should the masses wake up and see the deception, the table will be flipped and the criminals will meet their just end.


Knowing this, our "leaders" are now setting up the final play.  Soon, the power they've robbed us of will be turned against us. If they can shuffle the shells just a few more times, if they can "win" just a few more rounds, they'll have everything they need. Say goodbye to control through manipulation, say hello to the implementation of outright totalitarian rule.


A biological attack, a mini nuke, maybe the downing of a few commercial airliners; is this all it will take for the criminal elite to secure absolute control? Will the masses (convinced they know the "reality" of the game they're playing, convinced they understand the "legitimacy" of the choices they've been given) willingly surrender the few remaining protections won centuries ago? The right to free speech, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to trial by jury, the right (and means) to resist tyrannical government; will all of these be lost in the shell game?


-Or will we rise to the challenge like those who stood and fought before us? Will we learn and accept the ugly truth, educate the masses, expose the scam, and flip the table on which this insidious game is played? Call me an optimist, I'm betting my life that we will once again wrest our freedom from the hands of tyrants and return it to "We The People."



J. Plummer 8.14.2006

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