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An Engineering Professor Emeritus writes



>>>>>> Your excellent presentation came to my attention after discovering your website via "Scholars." <<<<<<<


The Professor is referring to the website "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" and I believe the "presentation" he mentions is The 1-Hour Guide to 9/11


>>>>> In the present political climate, the "truth" will not be effectively disseminated (the Pearl Harbor effect) - The initial goal should be to establish that the culprits are not "terrorists", and thus eliminate the justification for the war and the evolving police state.>>>>>


My Reply:


Hello,   Thank you for your kind words.   I agree our first responsibility is to break the "Pearl Harbor effect." People need to understand "false flag operations" are not only real, they've become a necessary component in wars of aggression.   In other words, very few people are so indecent as to openly support a war of aggression. However, for the same reason, most will support a war that aims to "beat back" an aggressor. So what's an aspiring tyrant to do? He wants to secure control over as much of the world as possible, but he needs the blood and money of others to do it. The answer is simple and has been used repeatedly: Disguise the conquest as self-defense. -Legitimize otherwise indefensible acts of aggression by creating the proper context: "We're responding to the barbaric attack on our country by (insert enemy here) and anyone who'd have us do nothing is not only a coward, they're a threat to the security of our nation."   So, that being the answer, all that's left is to provoke and allow an attack or (if need be) manufacture an attack altogether. Presto; instant justification to implement the (already established) military agenda. -It's like taking candy from a baby...or at least it used to be.   Slowly but surely people are beginning to see the ruling elite for what they really are: Lying, thieving, murderous criminals. As a result of the Internet, their information monopoly has been broken. Now, the "tricks" of their trade are out there for everyone to learn. More importantly, countless historical examples of them implementing said "tricks" (which until recently had been well hidden) stand as unassailable proof of their depravity.   Because of this growing awareness, I firmly believe they will fail. Their long established system of manipulation requires a level of blind faith that nobody who has "seen" will ever give them again. I summed this sentiment up in a piece I wrote a while back:  

We must never forget that liars and thieves depend on ignorance to exist among us. They lose their ability to manipulate and profit at our expense when their tricks and true aims are exposed. So long as we are gaining and spreading awareness, they (by default) are losing power.


If you think about it, the amount of time it took to build the current system of manipulation and control is truly pathetic compared to how quickly it is unraveling. More and more people are waking up every day. ...they're leaving the mainstream media in droves; they're actually THINKING beyond the false "left / right" paradigm, they're seeking (AND FINDING) the truth of their own volition.


At this point, we are so awash in documented wrong doing that nearly anyone (in just one month's time) can be shown enough to completely neutralize decades of government brainwashing. The government on the other hand enjoys no such luxury. What has taken them decades to create cannot be regained in a month a year or even a lifetime. Once a person "sees" the truth with their own eyes, the gig is up. As a result of this fact, maintaining their hold on power is mathematically impossible.


Maybe I'm an optimist, but it seems to me (as you've suggested) we need only reveal how truly low these "controlling creatures" are. Once that is done, people will be more apt to consider the evidence against them. -From there, we're home free. No intelligent human being can look at the mounds of evidence (and the systematic way in which that evidence was concealed) without concluding the obvious: Criminals within our own government were involved in facilitating and then covering up the events of 9/11.   By exposing 9/11 we neutralize all the false debates. The focus goes right back to square one and everything that has been justified as a result of 9/11 is invalidated. (Invading and occupying two sovereign countries, the countless civilian deaths that have come as a result, secret prisons, Kangaroo courts, torture, wiretapping, Executive signing statements that imply the president is above the law, etc.)   And on the other side of the equation, if we do NOT expose 9/11 and demand accountability (for both the event itself and everything that has followed) we encourage those with motive and means to do it again. -These people have openly talked about suspending our Constitution in the event of another attack. You'd think most would realize this provides (at the very least) an added incentive for them to experience another "catastrophic defense failure."   Still, there are those who shy away from the controversial nature of dealing with 9/11. They prefer to remain focused on more politically correct things like taxes, out of control spending, our borders, the "war on drugs," etc. We need to convince them that this is a dangerous mistake. They need to realize the "power" they gain over government in those areas is a phantom; it all evaporates the second a nuclear bomb goes off in a major American city. When that happens, our hope for a bloodless restoration of our freedom is lost. -With regard to the future of this country, there is nothing more important than 9/11.   A 77 year old man wrote me today. He wrote (in part)  

As you probably know, most people believe whatever the government tells them is a fact. I used to believe that way. I now know that i cannot believe hardly anything our government tells us.

  He went on to ask:  

How do we stop this destruction? Loss of freedoms, loss of our environment, loss of jobs etc? The democratic
party is no different than the republican party.  Who the HELL can we get to stop this destruction? I have voted different parties  at various times, but nothing seems to change. Will we ever have some leadership that wants
to take care of this country and the world...  

I can't begin to say how encouraging it was to receive this letter. -If for no other reason, it supports my contention that people (given enough factual information) can overcome DECADES of conditioning. I'm proof, you're proof, he's proof, and so are the millions of others in America and around the world.   That being the case, we have no reason to despair. We simply need to continue doing what we're doing. As the base of those who know what's going on increases, the promise of another false flag attack securing their ends diminishes. In my estimation, this fight is ours to lose.



Best Regards,
Joe Plummer


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