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Letter 1

<<<Impressive collection of info - Who are you - What are you trying to Achieve?>>>


(Written 10/2004)


Thank you for the kind words.

I am simply one of countless people trying to offset the failures of corporate media in America. For instance, after investing thousands of hours into researching 911 inconsistencies, potential alternative motives for the war in Iraq, the alarming history of the Neoconservative philosophy, documented government wrong doing, etc., it became clear to me that there was something terribly wrong with our so-called "free press." 

Why was it that I knew all about Janet Jackson's "Wardrobe Malfunction" within hours of it happening, but years after its release neither I (nor anyone I knew) had ever heard of the Northwoods Document?

Why was it that I knew every detail imaginable about the Scott Peterson Trial but I had never heard even a word about PNAC? (Considering some of their extreme philosophies, it would just make sense that people should know their aims and what positions they hold in our government.) 

Why was I repeatedly and intentionally misled about Iraq's connection to 911, the anthrax attacks, and Al Qaida, but I was never given access to the more believable motive for attacking Iraq? Paging through the "Rebuilding Americas Defenses Report" the war in Iraq makes perfect sense: Secure a resource, install a puppet government, and gain strategic military leverage for future "shaping of US interests" in the region.

The deeper I dug, the dirtier it got, and the more outraged I became. On the true issues affecting our country (not the diversions; political or otherwise) you could listen with all your might and not hear a thing. 

The whole point of putting thousands of dollars and a great deal of time and effort into this website was to assemble this information in one place; so people could easily absorb the "basics" and then do further research on their own. 

I've tried to make sure that, if the site presents an "opinion," that it was clearly drawn on documented, independently verifiable information. I don't necessarily want to "convince" people of something. I simply want them to see the evidence I have seen, so they can intelligently decide for themselves what it all means. 

The "Northwoods Document" for instance really provides some priceless insight into how far some in our government would be willing to go in order to achieve their military aims...

The PNAC documents are also a real eye opener regarding the NeoConservative philosophy of America's role in the world. 

The "911 inconsistencies" speak for themselves. ...and the implausible explanations given for some of the most damning inconsistencies only add to their weight. 

As Americans, we've got to look at this information. We've got to heed the warning of our founding fathers regarding the dangers of an overgrown, secretive and unaccountable government. We've got to stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated by people with plenty to hide (and much to gain.)


Take 9/11 for instance. Clearly their goal is to make us think all questions, claims, or clear evidence that challenges their official account of 9/11 "can't be taken seriously." ...we're damn fools if we believe that. 

With the help of the media, these people have managed to demonize the word "conspiracy" and in the process have done a brilliant job of calling anything that challenges them a "conspiracy theory." This is a classic manipulation; an attempt to divert attention away from the evidence by discrediting the person who presents it. It does nothing to address or invalidate the evidence itself. 

A more specific tactic is to highlight weak arguments, "knock them down," and in the process attempt to smear ALL arguments against the official account. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be working too well for them. People these days are smart enough to realize that just because one person in the 9/11 truth movement believes Bush is a robot from another planet, doesn't make the evidence of WTC 7's controlled demolition go away.

It goes without saying the NeoCons are clearly guilty of violating many core Republican values they claim to support; smaller less intrusive government, fiscal fesponsibility, strong protection of our civil liberties, etc. 

They are also guilty of using our military to create the "Unipolar World" of their dreams. This plan was established long before the 2000 election, but was never disclosed to the American public. 

Last but not least, they are guilty of exploiting 9/11 and using the most effective tool for manipulating the masses (FEAR) to further their "Pax Americana" agenda. And yes, some Americans are concerned about pre-9/11 NeoCon white papers that openly admit they'd need a "New Pearl Harbor" to gain support for their radical agenda.

All I ask is people look at the information, verify its legitimacy, and then decide whether or not it seems odd that nobody is talking about any of this. Could there be anything more "important" for Americans to be discussing than this? Is healthcare (or any other "issue") more important than the fact our current administration openly plans on creating (what amounts to) a global dictatorship that they will control (and WE will pay for?) 

I don't think so.


Best Regards,
Joe Plummer


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