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Your Money or Your Life

--Inspired by the story of Ed and Elaine Brown. You can find their website at


Do people deserve to die because they refuse to pay taxes to a corrupt and criminal government?


And when armed men, representing that corrupt and criminal government, show up on YOUR property, with the intent to capture or kill you, do you not have the right to defend yourself and your family? --Those who serve the system, those willing to KILL nonviolent citizens for refusing to submit, are little more than mercenaries. They are hired guns; they become criminals themselves.


There are an estimated 100 million armed Americans. The criminal elite are terrified of this fact. There is only so much money they can pay their thugs – only so much that money will buy in the support of tyranny. As all of history has shown, the supply of eager servants dwindles with every ounce of JUSTIFIED lethal resistance.


And on the other side of the equation, there is only so much a people will stand for. Unlike money, the currency that drives them is not only priceless (worth life itself) but inexhaustible. It isn’t the image of power; it IS power. It doesn’t rise out of clever patriotic rhetoric and manipulation; it exists in pure form in the hearts and minds of those who simply know right from wrong.


Those who have betrayed our country, working in concert with those who’ve sought its end since its founding, are now fighting for their lives. Their past, present, and planned traitorous actions against America can no longer be covered up. The utterly corrupt system (erected to protect and reward them) is crumbling at their feet. Having lost their information monopoly, it has become increasingly difficult for them to hide their true intentions; harder for them to find “well meaning citizens” to blindly accept and support whatever they demand. As our military men and women, our police and firefighters and our fellow citizens discover how these “leaders” have conspired against us; they will meet the consequences of their actions. –there will be nobody left to protect them.


Reasonable minds can conclude that history is about to repeat itself. Those who’ve seized control of our country do not have the right to govern us, let alone murder us for refusing to support them. They’ve built a scam that generates upwards of $3 Trillion dollars a year in revenue. The concentration camps they’re building, the legal “black holes” they’re creating, the nation-destroying agreements they are signing are meant to protect that scam; all are being put in place to help them suppress the inevitable rebellion against them.


We cannot continue to give aid and comfort to these enemies of our Republic. We can no longer hold up the Constitution in one hand, claiming we love our country, while providing the money to finance its destruction with the other. We can no longer wave the flag and march around as “proud Americans” while turning a blind eye to the egregious actions (at home and abroad) being done in our name. The gravest threat to our freedom comes not from a tiny number of loosely organized "terrorists" who want to kill us; but from the well-organized criminals with motive, means and opportunity to enslave and oppress us (financially, intellectually, spiritually and physically). It is our duty as Americans to resist.


--In my estimation, we might have one more chance to restore constitutionally limited government in America without bloodshed. That hope rests with the only Presidential candidate who knows the history (and true intent) of those who brought us the Federal Reserve System and Income Tax. His name is Ron Paul. He would immediately begin to undue what has been intentionally done to our country. Read The Creature from Jekyll Island, watch Freedom to Fascism, and support Ron Paul. In addition to everything else you can do, these three steps could make all the difference.



Joe Plummer 6.7.07
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  • UPDATE: If you don't have the time to read the 600 page "Creature from Jekyll Island," here is a FREE (and brief) 75 page alternative: Meet The System

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