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Letter 5

I tried to post this in the "Popular Mechanics" blog area (in response to their "Debunking 911" piece.) ...didn't seem to make it past the editors. Imagine that. 


Dear Propaganda Mechanics,


     You cannot honestly believe that your Hit Piece on the "911 Truth Movement" in America has been useful to your cause. ( Unless of course you are "True Patriots" secretly trying to bring attention to the movement and in so doing UNDERMINE the "official account." ) 


Only a fool would accept your one-sided propaganda as having "debunked" anything. I especially like the following closing statement at your website:


"But those who peddle fantasies that this country encouraged, permitted or actually carried out the attacks are libeling the truth--and disgracing the memories of the thousands who died that day."


First, nobody said "this country" encouraged, permitted, or actually carried out the attacks. This is just another manipulation on your part.


As we are all aware, the GOVERNMENT does not equal "This Country" and if you have any doubts about whether the government would conspire to "encourage, permit, or carry out attacks" against America, read the Northwoods Document.


As far as your equally weak contention that we are "disgracing the memory of those that died," give it a rest. You and your handlers are the only "disgrace" in this equation. We are wise to the motive of your lie that claims "you" are the ones who care about the innocent civilians slaughtered on 9/11. Simply stated, it just won't work.


What you describe as "Peddling Fantasies" others call "Providing Facts."


  • The Northwoods Document is a FACT.

  • PNAC is a FACT.

  • That there were 911 style drills in New York on 911 is a FACT.

  • That warnings of the attacks came in (and were ignored) is a FACT.  

  • The allegation that FBI officials were told to "Back Off"  investigating key players in 911 is a FACT.

  • The contention that the "Military Industrial Complex" and those who seek to create a "New World Order" gained the most from 911 is a FACT.

  • That the media has refused to address this (and mounds of other damning evidence) is a FACT.


Of course you know all of this already. This isn't being sent to convince you to come clean; we just want you to know that we know you're dirty.


But as stated at the beginning of this message: Keep up the good work. You are inadvertently aiding the cause of every American that is demanding freedom from our overgrown, out of control and corrupt government. 


Best Regards,
Joe Plummer


**ATTENTION READERS:  For a thorough refutation of the Popular Mechanics 9/11 hit piece, click here:


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