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With Blueprints in Hands

This letter was sent to Dr. Steven Jones on April 10th 2007. -However, anyone who can get this information into "the right hands," by all means, should.


Now that we have the actual blueprints for the World Trade Center Towers, we can more easily pursue a couple courses of action to refute the "official theory" of the "inevitable total collapse" of the towers.

-NIST suggests that a total collapse (at near free-fall speed) was inevitable once the upper debris began to move; we of course disagree with that assertion. Let's use the North Tower as an example. We can now:


1. Use the blueprints to create a computer model that demonstrates what would happen if a 12 story chunk of debris (representing floors 98 - 110) was dropped a distance of 6 floors (representing the impact area over floors 93-98) onto the heavier / stronger "intact" 92 floors below. As a visual aid, reference the image below (taken from the article: "Fire Initiated Collapse - Primary Arguments Against") 

Adjusting the weight of the 12 floors to include the 6 impact floors and allowing all that mass to free fall 72 feet in our model (6 full floors) would be very generous of us, and still is unlikely to recreate anything close to what we witnessed on 9/11.


2. Build a REAL replica (small scale model) and use a crane to drop a piece of debris (appropriate weight) on the structure. This would be more convincing for most people than a computer model. Funding, if we can't secure it from government, could (with a major effort) come from the many millions of people in the truth movement. -It would be more difficult and expensive, but why not fund our own "9/11 Study?"


As a somewhat unrelated suggestion, I had proposed the following a little while too is a possible route by which we could demonstrate the absurdity of the official account.


"I'd love to see a simple experiment with a steel framed building that has been marked for demolition. The government contends fire started the "collapse event" in the towers, but then does nothing to explain the mechanics of what happened next. (We can assume their position is: Total collapse was inevitable once the upper floors started moving.)

So, here is the experiment:

1. Find a steel framed building; we'll assume 50 stories high
2. Blow out the support of 3 floors (lets say floors 37, 38, & 39)
3. See what happens.

According to the government, once the "top chunk" starts moving, we should see the rest of the building completely disintegrate (all the way down to the ground) at near free-fall speed.

...And if it's that damn easy to pulverize a building from top to bottom; why do demolition companies go through so much extra effort? Just rig a few upper floors and be done with it.


Joe Plummer

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