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The Outsiders:Trump and Sanders

I haven't paid much attention to the Trump and Sanders show...I've assumed that if either of them actually manages to get in, their Establishment-empowering polices will find support, their anti-Establishment polices will be blocked. (And if they get too feisty pursuing the anti-Establishment stuff, they'll wind up like JFK.) 


With Sanders' platform, it's easy to see how his presidency would play out: Everything that expands spending on new programs will be encouraged. This increases government power and US debt which ultimately empowers the criminals that control both. Any attempt to meaningfully disrupt the FED, foreign policy, "Wall Street," the emerging police state, etc., will be blocked. Sanders, even if he somehow won the election, would only strengthen the very forces he rails against.


Due to my admitted lack of research, it was harder to figure out how the Establishment would use Trump. But since I've started poking around a bit, it's pretty clear what his role would be.


From his "hang-the-traitor" comment about Snowden (those betraying and eroding US principles aren't the traitors...nope, it's the guy who exposed them), to his "ban-all-Muslims" solution (what's next, concentration camps for 1.5 BILLION people based on the crimes of a fraction of a percent?), to his enthusiastic support of torture (my take on torture here:, it's clear where Trump will fit in. He will expand authoritarian / anti-American policies. He will champion the cause of "safety at any cost," and accelerate the destruction of liberty and human rights.


Based on the information contained in Tragedy and Hope 101, I suppose it's understandable why I haven't paid much attention to this election cycle. That said, I had originally heard a few things about Trump that I found encouraging, and watching "the Establishment" attack him earned a few brownie points. I even thought: "What would happen if Trump chose Ron Paul as his running mate; wouldn't that be something?"


Considering what I've recently learned about Trump, it seems pretty unlikely that he'd ever consider a man like Ron Paul as VP. It's equally unlikely that Ron Paul would accept the offer. One thing is for sure: There is no way I would endorse (let alone vote for) Trump. I've seen too many of his type during my research over the years...they're unfit for power. 


Joe Plummer

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