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Tired of YouTube Censorship?

Hi Friends,

I’ll try to keep this short.

The elite have gained tremendous power through the monopolization of our money, media, medicine, education, energy, etc.  However, as I pointed out near the end of Chapter 5 in Tragedy and Hope 101:  

“We are now entering an era of technological development that many believe will lead to exponential disruption. All of the aforementioned choke points of control […] will change dramatically in the next 20 – 30 years. The most beneficial characteristic of these technology-driven changes is that they, like the internet, will decentralize and redistribute power. They will weaken, and then replace, the immoral and inadequate centralized systems that our rulers have created. Simply stated, to disrupt the elite, we must continue decentralizing everything they have monopolized. We must build [and support] the competing/parallel systems that will eventually render their current systems irrelevant.”

In line with this sentiment, I’ve recently mirrored all of my YouTube content (including the full audiobook of Tragedy and Hope 101), on a decentralized video platform called LBRY. The platform isn’t yet up to the same level of functionality as YouTube, but it also doesn’t feed the censorship-prone behemoth known as Google. (Anyone who’s been paying attention over the past couple years has seen the massive increase in censorship of those who dare to express unapproved opinions.) Fortunately, we have alternatives right now. By redirecting as little as 5% of our video consumption, we can help sites like LBRY mature and grow much faster.

For more information, I’ve included a handful of links below that you’ll hopefully find useful:

*Here, John Stossel explains the importance of LBRY:

*If you sign up using this link, we should both receive some free LBC:$/invite/@joe-plummer:b

*LBRY pays content creators AND viewers. Here is a brief overview:

*Want to find popular content creators & earn LBC for watching their videos? This site lists the current top 200:

*Last but not least, here is an example of the type of extremely important content that will never be buried or removed from LBRY. If you haven’t seen “Meet Bill Gates” by James Corbett, I highly recommend it:



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