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PNAC Documentary

Hijacking Catastrophe (9/11, Fear, and the Selling of American Empire.)


This 1 hour film pretty much says it all. For those who don't have the time to watch, I've taken out a couple 6 minute AUDIO Clips that contain a good amount of information.


Everyone at some point should try to watch at least the first 45 minutes of the film. (Starts slow, but gets good.)


  • Hijacking Catastrophe: An excellent documentary detailing how the NeoConservatives used 9/11 to advance their pre-existing agenda of global domination, while rolling back civil liberties at home. Click Here to view 


Audio Clips

  • About PNAC and how they used 911 to further their ALREADY ESTABLISHED plans


Click HERE to Play (MP3, 6 minutes)2.1MB



  • Covers the friendly US Relationship with Iraq during the period in which Saddam was committing his "heinous" crimes, VS our relationship when he no longer met US Government needs. Touches further on the strategic significance of Iraq in furthering the goal of Empire. 


Click HERE to Play (MP3 , 6 minutes)2.0MB



  • This is an excellent 5 minute audio summary of PNAC, presented by Professor David Ray Griffin. Click HERE to listen.


  • For more information on how the Iraq War was sold to the American People, watch Bill Moyer's excellent piece:Buying The War

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