Nullify Season 2: How To Stop The Federal Government

This excellent series of short videos outline the importance and power of nullification. If you find this information useful, please support the Tenth Amendment Center at: 

Chapter 1: Small Things Grow Great by Concord (2:28) 

How to stop the feds? The FIRST STEP comes from John Dickinson, the “Penman of the Revolution.” 

Chapter 2: Jefferson on Strategy (2:21 seconds)

For nullification, Thomas Jefferson opposed an all-or-nothing strategy.

Chapter 3: Patrick Henry and the Virginia Resolves (2:33)

Resolutions drafted by Patrick Henry were the first nail in the coffin of the Stamp Act - and foreshadowed nullification.

Chapter 4: Samuel Adams and the Loyal Nine (2:05)

Once word of Patrick Henry and the Virginia Resolves spread to Boston, Samuel Adams and the Loyal Nine started taking active steps to nullify the Stamp Act.

Chapter 5: The Peoples' Nullification of the Stamp Act (3:18 seconds)

In the end, this combination of official declarations, mass disobedience, local resolutions, support from merchants, and non-enforcement by sheriffs and other local officials created a climate where the Stamp Act was unenforceable. Parliament ended up repealing it even though they didn’t want to. This is what Murray Rothbard called "the peoples’ nullification of the Stamp Act.”

Chapter 6: Prohibition Nullified (3:01) 
It wasn’t for a lack enforcement effort on the federal level. But individuals, cities and states resisted on a massive scale. In some cases they even banned prohibition enforcement. 

Chapter 7: Nullifying the Fugitive Slave Act (2:31) 
While many supporters of centralized power like to say that "nullifiers support slavery" - they've got it totally backwards. In the 1850s, Northern states nullified the federal fugitive slave act.

Chapter 8: Lessons from Rosa Parks (1:58)

Individual action and resistance is really the backbone of nullification. Without it, the odds of success are reduced significantly.

Chapter 9: A Blueprint for Failure (3:26)

Relying solely on state legislators and bureaucrats to nullify a federal act is a bad strategy.

Chapter 10: Jury Nullification, The Last Line of Defense (2:24)
Jury nullification is the last line of defense, and can turn around even the worst situation.

Chapter 11: The Strategy (3:23)

An effective strategy to nullify - hits back at the feds in four directions.

2015 Edition
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