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New Hampton Letter

Joe Plummer here – fellow New Hampton Resident, residing on Blake Hill Rd.


Electronic voting machines (and electronic “ballot counting” machines) are now commonly used around the country. The ease with which an election can be stolen using these machines and their propensity to “malfunction” has been well documented.[1]  There are a couple ways to help guard against these problems:


(1)   The machine prints a receipt for EACH vote cast which the voter can then produce (at a later date) to challenge any suspected fraud or mechanical “malfunction.” 
(2)  The citizens organize to ensure their votes have been counted and reported accurately.


Since the government REFUSES to order the manufacturers of these machines to produce a receipt, citizens nationwide are now pursuing “option 2” (organizing local “recounts” and “vote checks.”)


As a result of these efforts, it is far less likely that fraud or mechanical malfunctions will go undetected. Additionally, these efforts also guard against human error during “hand counts.”  (Like in Sutton New Hampshire where Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, via “hand count,” was officially awarded zero votes. Sutton residents who voted for Ron Paul stepped forward and as it turns out, nearly 10% of Sutton’s voting Republicans –31 people – had cast a vote that was NOT properly counted. The error was verified; the town admitted its mistake and Ron Paul’s total was correctly changed from “0” to “31.”)


Today, I’m contacting 500 of you with hope you’ll help me do the same here in New Hampton. Specifically, I’m asking those of you who voted for Ron Paul to participate in a local “citizen recount.”


If you voted for Ron Paul in the recent primary, please go to and let us know. (The “vote counting machine” used in New Hampton gave Ron Paul 50 votes. If we find 51 votes, we know it DID NOT report the New Hampton results accurately…and that affects everyone.)


With this simple act, we’re sending a clear message to both the government and the voting machine contractors.  The message is: “We are watching and we demand the integrity of our elections be protected.”


We’re not suggesting there were problems with the count in New Hampton or that we expect to find a discrepancy. What we are suggesting is this: As long as the government and the contractors it hires REFUSE to provide us a way to “double check” this new / vulnerable technology, it is OUR JOB to do it ourselves. –And in doing so, everyone in America (regardless of who they vote for) will benefit.


Joe Plummer


[1] If you haven’t already seen the video of a programmer testifying (under oath) that he was asked to write “undetectable vote stealing software,” or the Princeton University video showing how easy it is to “hack” these machines and steal an election, please visit to view them both.

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