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NATO's Secret Armies - Excerpts

Tragedy and Hope 101

Bonus Material


Here are many of my highlighted references from Daniele Ganser's book, NATO's Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe.


  • Text from Ganser's book will be presented in quotes "like this."


  • My comments will be presented in parenthesis (like this).


  • All of the material below was typed out manually, so there may be some typos.


  • This document is approximately 11,000 words long.


  • Note on spelling: words like “summarize, organization, jeopardizing,” etc. are spelled with a “z” in the United States, but are often spelled with an “s” in Europe. Ganser uses the European spelling in his book and so, while transcribing these excerpts, I have tried to keep his usage (but I might have missed a few.)


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