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Moving on...for now

It’s been almost exactly one year since I published Tragedy and Hope 101 and I’m happy to say, for the first time in more than a decade, I’m not actively working on another book. This is a really good thing; let me explain why.



When I sold my business at the end of 2003, my goal was to research and write about three main topics: our corrupt monetary system, our corrupt political system, and the corrupt elite who control them both. I believe that Dishonest MoneyTragedy and Hope 101, and Leaving the Illusion (respectively), provide a clear summary of these topics. In short, I’m moving on because I’ve done what I set out to do.


Now, with that said, I’m very excited to begin a much larger project; one that will hopefully benefit many good people who are working on good causes around the world. It’s still in the planning phase, but if everything goes well I can provide more details within the next few months. (If you’re already a newsletter subscriber, you’ll be among the first to know.)


For now, I just want to express my sincere gratitude for each and every one of you who’ve supported my efforts here at Without intelligent and caring people to write for, there would be little reason to write at all.  


Joe Plummer


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