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Letter 2

<<Are you suggesting Kerry and the democrats as the correct alternative?>>


Unfortunately, we do not currently have an option that would be the "correct alternative."

 Our government is overgrown, out of control and unaccountable. The correct alternative would be something that would immediately begin the process of "undoing" all that has been done (over the past 100 years or so) to undermine what the country was founded on.

 With that said, we do have two options, and without a doubt, I feel re-electing those who follow the Neocon philosophy of creating a "global dictatorship" will be the MOST costly. money, in blood, in security, and ultimately in FREEDOM.


<<All of this has been so for almost 50 years and will only get worse under a Democratic administration. Your campaigns timing sounds very much like the work of a democratic party troll.>>


If you can show me where there has been an overt plan to "take over the world" by ANY American administration, please do.

With regard to the out of control expansion of our government, your "it would be worse under a Democrat" statement doesn't hold up very well. ...The Neocons currently in power have expanded government far more than any Democratic administration in recent history.

With regard to my political affiliation, my views match those of "Libertarian" more than Democrat or Republican.

Honestly, if these guys were REAL Republicans they would be more likely to get my vote. But they are not Republicans, they are NeoCons. And the COST of them getting another four years to "Shape the World" as they would have it, will be unacceptable....


Best Regards,
Joe Plummer


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