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Kicking The Dragon

We've all heard the horror stories of men who were convicted and locked up in prison for crimes they did not commit; decades of their lives lost to a "system of justice" that failed to protect them. 


What we rarely hear about is where exactly the system failed. Without a step-by-step account, it's easy to believe it was just a "bad prosecutor" or "bad cop" or maybe even the occasional "bad judge" that led to the wrongful conviction.


Larken Rose was convicted of a crime he did not commit. Fortunately for him, his crime (willful  failure to file income taxes) didn't carry a death sentence or life in prison. In Larken's case, "justice" only claimed about a year of his freedom. Fortunately for us, Larken has documented, step by step, the many places where the justice system failed him. ...It might surprise you to find that government officials aren't always interested in justice. It might surprise you to find out; those who benefit from the system are willing to lie and manipulate in order to protect it.


I suspect that some readers might disagree with Larken's position regarding our nation's tax laws. That said, he does an excellent job of explaining his position and, unlike the Federal government, he actually points to the specific regulations that support it. However, I doubt that any fair-minded individual will disagree with the underlying theme of his story: The government willfully convicted Larken of a crime that it KNEW he was not guilty of. And in the process of securing that conviction, the government demonstrated an unbelievable contempt for justice.


You can purchase a copy of Larken's book here: Kicking the Dragon  or at his website:

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