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It could save Lives

NOTE: This article was posted to the Sangamon County Libertarian Website on 11.27.2009. Here is a link to the original page. 

For an article that addresses the problem of police forcibly drawing blood from citizens, click here. 


Concerned About Slippery Slope


Should we force blood draws on all people for the war on drugs? It could save lives.


Should we force open all homes for mandatory searches for the war on drugs, terror or any other criminal activity? It could save lives.


Should we force people to eat healthy and deny everyone fast food, candy, alcohol, tobacco or any other possible unhealthy thing? It could save lives.


Should we mandate Doctors to search all people medically for crime? Lets deputize the medical industry.   Prescription drug abuse, unapproved medicine, risky behavior, all could be criminal. Since we will soon have socialized medicine, financial costs should be considered. The Doctor/patient relationship could pose a threat. Ending privacy could save lives and money.


Should we burn books, magazine and heretics for thinking wrongly? It could save lives.

Should we have a one child policy? It could save lives.


Should we have the government monitor every location possible with cameras, microphones and spies? It could save lives.


Should we force the old and infirm to die? It could save us money. It could enable the government to free up money that is fungible. This would be done of course, to save lives and increase the living standard.


Should we deny the genetically deficient to breed? It could make humanity healthier in the long run. 


Should we let experts or even one superb human being run the entire government (including us)? Control all media and education? It could save lives.


Should we leave the rearing of children to the experts in government? It could save lives.

Should government officials check your homes, your cars and your marriage for any defects? It could save lives.


Should we have government officials arrange for us to be married to properly vetted spouses? A full genetic and mental match would insure safety. It could save lives.


Should road blocks be used to search all people for criminal activity? Papers please? What do you mean rights? Are you refusing? Are you resisting? What do you have to hide? Blood draw? Doctor/Nurse are you refusing to help me get his blood? Are you resisting? I don't care that you went into medicine to help people. You are now under arrest for resisting.


We are concerned about a slippery slope. The presumption of innocence may be morphing into a more foreign standard. Where everyone is suspect and everyone is guilty, until proven innocent. 


These examples have either happened in history and/or laws are now being proposed to implement them. Sparta, Nazi Germany, Communist China and even America had Eugenic laws. Modern Japan has issued a waste line law. Hell is paved with good intentions, and tyranny is summoned when man tries to make utopia on Earth. 


The Sangamon County Libertarians have grave concerns about the recent forced blood draws. We understand the problems of balancing freedom and safety. We hope to work with community leaders in addressing some concerns. We will seek to have a positive working relationship with the local Democrat and Republican Parties. Our goal is to promote freedom, prosperity and understanding.


Tom Ansell, SOC

Sangamon County Libertarian Party

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