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I was not the victim;I was the victor

In the battle to satisfy my uncontrollable hormonal desire (at the age of 15) I was not the VICTIM for having had sex with a 24 year old woman, I was the victor.

Nor was I the victim for continuing to date said 24 year old woman (and continuing to have sex with her) for the next 3 years of my life. -Nor have I experienced any of the "long lasting mental trauma" the sex police keep telling me I was supposed to have suffered.

In the end, this three year chapter of my life was an excellent one. It was my first real relationship in which I learned many of the enjoyable and painful lessons that long-term relationships are apt to teach. With that said, I can only imagine the genuine trauma I would have suffered if "The State" (in all of its benevolence) would have intervened on my behalf....

Over the years, I have grown increasingly disgusted by the hordes of delusional do-gooders who label this kind of CONSENSUAL exchange "Child Rape." This is absolutely ridiculous. Truth be told, it isn't even "RAPE" by any reasonable measure of the word. To effectively prove this assertion, juxtapose the image of me (recounting my experience to friends with a smile stretching ear to ear) opposite the image of a boy or girl (man or woman) recounting an experience where they were physically overpowered and forcibly violated. And if that latter image isn't upsetting enough, add the very real fear of death or injury and the pain of abject humiliation for good measure.
For those who've yet to figure this out, I can easily sum up the difference between rape and consensual sex with the old saying: It isn't RAPE if those involved are WILLING. (In rare cases this is an oversimplification; but in most cases it is not.) 

And is this simple explanation really that hard to figure out? Was I so advanced mentally at age 15 I somehow survived the "horrors" of a woman allowing me to have sex with her? Seeing as that I've been happily married (and completely monogamous) for the past 8 years, maybe everyone should experience said horrors; they appear to have taught me a thing or two about finding and cultivating an honest / healthy relationship.

Repeat: There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between a "Child Rapist" and a person who has engaged in consensual sex. And as such, there should be a distinction. 

If society has a problem with people over 18 engaging in consensual sex with people under the age of 18, fine. Establish a law and, if broken, find the person guilty of something like "Engaging in consensual sex with a minor." Drop the ridiculous hyperbolic terminology that suggests their act is no different than that of a predator who has raped a 6 year old  (or raped a person of any age for that matter.) They're just not comparable; and to pretend otherwise is dishonest at best, disrespectful (to real victims) at worst.


J. Plummer 6.8.06

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