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Inside the Eugenicist's Mind

Want to wake people up gently? Try reality-based fiction.The following is an excerpt from Leaving The Illusion. (For actual references from "Eugenics: A Reassessment," click here.) 

Back Story
Alex Watson has been contacted by a man who refers to himself as Howard; a high-ranking member of the dominant class. Howard is trying to recruit Alex into the upper echelons of power, but first, he must educate Alex about the harsh realities of the real world. 

Certain that Alex has what it takes to dominate the inferior masses, Howard gives him a copy of Eugenics: A Reassessment. But contrary to Howard's assessment, Alex is shocked by the cold, calculating, and murderous world that the eugenicists plan to create. 


If Alex had known anything about eugenics, he would have been offended before completing the first page. However, because of his ignorance, the book’s opening summary seemed harmless enough:


“During the course of the twentieth century, a profound change took place in scientific and public attitudes to eugenics. In the first half of the century, virtually all biological scientists and most social scientists supported eugenics, and so did many of the informed public…in the last three decades of the century, eugenics became almost universally rejected…there is nothing particularly unusual in the rejection of a scientific theory…What is unusual is the rejection of a theory that is essentially correct…this is what occurred in the twentieth century with regard to eugenics.” page vii (Screenshot


                As Alex soon discovered, the opening summary was anything but harmless. The author proceeded to espouse one unimaginably arrogant statement, one certifiably insane “solution,” and one poorly reasoned justification after another. Soon enough, the “theory” of eugenics became clear—it was nothing more than racism on steroids. Certain humans were born superior, and, as such, it was their job to manage and cull the herd. The “inferior many” existed only for the “benefit of the State,” and, as such, the State had every right to eliminate undesirables from the gene pool. 


                This wasn’t a book that warned readers about the dangers of a scientific society run amuck…it was a book that advocated the creation of that society. The author's underlying argument was very straightforward: He and his kind were genetically superior and, therefore had the right to shape mankind as they saw fit. Society was their laboratory; the people, their lab rats. 


                Alex spent the next five days learning all about eugenics, which is to say, he spent the next five days fluctuating between a state of horror and rage. He could hardly read a single page of Eugenics: A Reassessmentwithout underlining multiple sections and writing arguments against the author’s assertions. He went online to do more research, and that only made matters worse. To his dismay, he verified that eugenics actually began in the United States, funded and guided by the dominant class, and was directly connected to the atrocities in Nazi Germany. As he dug deeper, the big picture began to emerge. 


                A scientifically manufactured “eugenic society” was the inevitable and ultimate exercise of power. Howard’s “final revolution” represented the final form of human government because, once established, the inferior class would have no way to challenge it. The dominant few would not only decide how the masses would live, they’d decide who among them would be permitted to live…and if a member of the dominant class was ever foolish enough to resist the system, they’d be demoted and sterilized—if not outright eliminated—for threatening the “stability of the State.”  


                Alex filled nearly an entire spiral notebook with challenges and notes, spending between twelve and fourteen hours a day researching the topic of eugenics. During the first couple days, he wondered how it was he’d never heard of it. He wondered why, of all the useless information taught in school, this was never discussed. By the end of his research, the question answered itself. This topic wasn’t for the masses; it was reserved exclusively for the masters.


                On the day before he was supposed to contact Howard, he opened his journal and tried to summarize his thoughts: 


I hardly know where to begin, so this is just a rough summary for now. I have to at least try to organize my brain if I’m going to challenge Howard on this tomorrow. My God, what a mess. 


I have to start by saying that, without a doubt, this has been the most depressing five days of my life. These unbelievably sick, power hungry, hypocritical people not only exist, they sit at the top of our social food chain! They’re hailed as our “best and brightest leaders!” I found a good quote online, from a book called War Against the Weak, that sums up the social status of those involved: 


“One hundred years of eugenic crusading by America’s finest universities, most reputable scientists, most trusted professional and charitable organizations, and most revered corporate foundations. They had collaborated with the Department of Agriculture and numerous state agencies…to breed a new race…”page xxi (Screenshot


If this was all just hypothetical, it wouldn’t be nearly as upsetting. But it's real. These people actually sit around in rooms together, think this shit up, and began using their power to make it happen. Hitler wasn’t the leader in a movement to create a “super race,”he was their follower. Both the research he relied on and the eugenic theories he used to justify his atrocities originated with and were funded by the American dominant class! 


I found a ton of unbelievable information related to eugenics online. One thing that really stood out was something called Operation Paperclip. Supposedly, after Hitler was defeated, our government not only helped important Nazis escape prosecution for torturing and experimenting on Jews, it brought the same criminals into the US and gave them government jobs! (Hubertus StrugholdKurt Blome and Walter Schreiber to name a few) 


Again, I want to note that it actually hurts to find out about this stuff…and it really hurts to know that if it weren’t for Howard, I probably would have lived the rest of my life without ever knowing about any of it. What does that say about the power of “the illusion?” It’s just plain scary.


                Alex paused. Scary was definitely the right word. He wondered what other horrible secrets he’d learn in the coming weeks, horrible secrets that weren’t even hidden. Secrets that anyone with an Internet connection and the ability to read could verify instantly. If it was this easy to enter the real world, didn’t that prove Howard’s point? Didn’t it prove that, if it wasn’t revealed by an expert or an authority, it might as well not even exist?


I’m flustered because there are TOO MANY things to attack. I’ve damn near filled this notebook, and now I’m trying to boil it all down into some summary that captures howwrong it all is. It ain’t gonna happen, so I just have to write a rough summary for now. Here goes: 


First problem: If this isn’t a violation of basic human rights, nothing is. That alone should have stopped the “intelligent few” from ever proposing it, let alone implementing it. Of course, that assumes they actually care about human rights. This book makes it perfectly clear that they do not.


Second: Arrogance. I could go on all day about the arrogance. There isn’t a shred of humility. But how could there be? Anyone who assumes that their tiny group has the right to rule all of humanity, regardless of humanity’s feelings in the matter, must be unbelievably arrogant. Right? 


Third: Hypocrisy. I guess this is another obvious one. In the author’s ideal world, the masses will exist only for the good of the “State,” and, of course, he and his kind will be “the State,” so that works out pretty good for them. Somehow, I don’t think he’d be as excited about forced sterilizations if his bloodline was labeled “unfit” and slated for extermination.


Fourth: Fear and insanity. I’ll give him this: The author does a good job of appealing to fear. He says all the things that a “leader” like Hitler would want to hear. Basically, his fear angle boils down to: If we don’t get the vermin under control (the inferior class), the human race will go extinct and/or if you allow your enemy to create superior humans and you don’t, you will be conquered by them. You will be the vermin. Throughout it all, the inevitability of a single-world government is pounded into the would-be dictator’s head. The subtext is: “It’s going to happen, so it might as well be YOU who rules the world.” 


Finally: Contradictions. It’s ironic that he obsesses about the importance of superior intelligence throughout the entire book while, at the same time, he lacks the intelligence to see the contradictions in his own arguments. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by this. He’s got nothing to gain by proving himself wrong. 


So, off the top of my head, here are a few of the things I found extremely upsetting. This should be enough to refresh my memory for tomorrow’s meeting with Howard. 


When he talks about the approximately sixty thousand eugenic sterilizations that were performed in the United States, he complains that it was nowhere near enough. Specifically, he says it represented only 0.1 percent of those who should have been sterilized. 


Well, unless I’ve forgotten how to do math, I have to multiply 0.1 percent times ten to get to 1 percent. Then, I have to multiply that times a hundred to get to 100 percent. In other words, I have to multiply sixty thousand times one thousand to get to the number of people he feels should have been sterilized in the United States alone—SIXTY MILLIONpeople!


“In the United States, the 60,000 or so sterilizations amounted to less than 0.1 percent of the mentally retarded and psychopathic, so the effect on the prevalence of mental retardation and psychopathic personality must have been negligible.”-page 42 (Screenshot


Don’t forget that in his world, psychopaths are people who “don’t conform to social norms” (like accepting that they must be sterilized, I suppose), who “fail to sustain a monogamous relationship for more than one year” (I’m not exactly sure why he chose one year as the limit), who don’t want to pay taxes (because refusing to give your money to psychopaths who want to kill you is surely psychopathic), who lack remorse for their actions ( the irony…), who drink too much, are “antisocial,” speed too much in their car, etc. In other words, anyone targeted by the dominant class could be “justifiably” removed from the rest of history.


Later, he discusses a parental-licensing system to prevent “psychopaths” from breeding. It starts by sterilizing ALL members of the inferior class—the genetic elite obviously wouldn’t be targeted—and then reversing the sterilization IF it pleases “the State” to grant the couple a license.


“The most effective solution to the problem of preventing births to unlicensed couples would be to require all 12-year-old girls to have some form of long-lasting contraception, such as the IUD or the contraceptive implant…Similarly, all 12-year-old boys would have to be sterilized by vasectomy or by some other technology…” page 214 (Screenshot


Regarding that “other technology,” he talks about:


“…the production of a virus causing temporary sterilization. Contraceptive viruses were developed in Australia in 1997 for the sterilization of rabbits, kangaroos, and other pests…The ideal for humans would be a contraceptive virus acting for about 10 years that could be given to 12-year-old boys. When they were aged 22, they could apply for licenses for parenthood. If they failed to obtain these, they could be vasectomized.”page 213 (Screenshot


He claims that all arguments against his eugenic plans are emotional and irrational. He says they are based on a “value system” that puts the rights of an individual above the rights of society. (Who would have guessed? He is the good guy in all of this. He is just trying to protect the rights of society against all the psychopathic individuals.) 


This was probably the hardest thing to stomach…the hypocrisy, the absurdity of it all. His acting as if he is morally superior and defending society when, in reality, he wants to make society helpless against the truly psychopathic INDIVIDUALS who claim the right to control it completely. It is such a blatant contradiction that you have to wonder how he could possibly miss it. 


After explaining the inevitable creation of a single-world government, which will be run by China, he openly admits that:


“…it would be impossible to run a world state as a democracy. If a democratic constitution were established, with countries given independence and voting powers…the oligarchy controlling the world state would find itself outvoted…The oligarchy would see no reason to allow this to happen and to forego the advantages gained from having secured world power. It would view democracy as an experiment that was tried and failed. It would learn the lesson of history and would not regard the democratic experiment as worth repeating.”page 316 (Screenshot


I think that pretty much says it all. I scribbled a mountain of angry rebuttals in the margins of the book, but I nearly tore a hole in the paper writing my reply to the quote above. I wrote:


“So here we see that, in the end, it has NOTHING to do with your so-called social rights. The ruling oligarchy will decide, against the wishes of the global society, what it wants. This has been my objection from the start. This isn’t about social rights; it’s about the individual ‘right’ of a handful of rulers to impose their will against the best interests and wishes of society.” 


There seems to be an endless amount of additional information related to this topic. Here is some more stuff I found online but haven’t fully verified yet. 


1) The White House’s current Science Czar co-wrote a book about sterilizing people through the food supply, carrying out forced abortions, and creating a “planetary regime” to enforce whatever population limits the global government decides to implement. 


2) The dominant class plans on using genetically modified crops, including “spermicidal corn,” which has already been developed, to cause sterility in the herd. 


3) Many prominent and wealthy people are openly calling for massive reductions in the “inferior class” (reducing it by as much as 95 percent), but, unlike before, now they’re using global warming as the justification. (I immediately thought of Howard’s phrase “pretexts for policies” when I read that.) 


I’m having a very hard time dealing with this. I have to say, it’s a little too easy to imagine these elite scumbags sitting around, patting themselves on the back for “saving the world” while they kill off damn near everyone but themselves…

The excerpt above is taken from Joseph Plummer's novel Leaving the Illusion. He is also the author of Dishonest Money: Financing the Road to Ruin and his most recent book is entitled Tragedy and Hope 101.


Excerpts from Eugenics: A Reassessment , by Richard Lynn, are available in the bonus section for Tragedy and Hope 101. 

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