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Covid 19 - On Trial

If you feel the info in this video is important, please like, comment and share...maybe we can make it "go viral."


Here is a "flyer version" if you prefer to share something physical. 

Also, here is a "COVID Test" that you can print and hand out. 

If you'd like to share any of the images used in this project, they're posted below along with credit given to the artist(s) that created them.  


Written by Joe Plummer
Narrated by Duane DeSalvo:
Video effects by Jeremy Hannon:

Courtroom Scene
Drawn by Liudmyla Shymko -


New Normal
Drawn by Nikki Fonacier -

New Normal-crop.jpg

Expert Island
Drawn by Peter Barsony -

Expert Island-crop.jpg

Wall of Fear
Drawn by Nikki Fonacier -
Additional color added by Lilit Khalatyan -

Wall of Fear.jpg

Wall of Fear (v2)
Drawn by - Jessica Farrugia -
NOTE: I ended up using a different artist's image for this scene, but wanted to include this version here because I felt that it too was very well done.  

Wall of Fear 2.jpg

COVID 19 Pitbull
Drawn by Nikki Fonacier -
Edited (color and design) by Lilit Khalatyan -

COVID 19 Pitbull.jpg

Drawn by Nikki Fonacier -
Edited (color and design) by Lilit Khalatyan -

NOTE: I've only included the final scene here, which doesn't include the CVD Pitbull or the ACM Pitbull. Nikki drew all of the images, Lilit made slight alterations to the CVD Pitbull, the ACM Pitbull, and the Humanity Pitbull. (Mostly color/shading changes. For instance, Lilit added the "white" markings and some shading to "Humanity.") 

All Dogs.jpg
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