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We All Need Food

Hi Everyone,

   I've been buying and storing food for years now. (I started small and have gradually built up a good supply for me and my family.)
If you STILL haven't bought storable food, DO SO NOW! (During economic crises, food shortages are a real possibility: Federal Reserve Notes, gold & silver WON'T BUY what isn't available!)

Today a visitor wrote regarding the "costs." I told her the same thing I told my own mother:

"Every year you buy a "year's worth of food" and it costs you $5,000 - $7,000. So, keep that in mind. You're just buying a "year's worth of food" in advance (at today's prices instead of inflated prices) and, as an added benefit, most of this stuff can be eaten anytime between now and the year 2033"

If there are food shortages, you and your family won't go hungry and you won't be forced into deplorable conditions (think Katrina Superdome) to get your government handout. -If, for whatever reason, you decide you would rather own something OTHER than the food you've acquired; a "food-starved" economy will be happy to take it off your hands in exchange for whatever you want (gold, silver, etc.) 

I understand that it's hard to make yourself think about things like this. It's even harder to make a DECISION TO ACT (In other words, it's hard to make yourself browse available items, figure out what you want, enter your payment information and click "submit my order.") That said, the alternative is much HARDER to deal with. (I.E. You wait too long, the prices go through the roof or, worse, the stuff just isn't available anymore.) I promise you, once you get the food IN YOUR HOUSE; you'll wonder why you waited so long. 

I've bought nearly all of my supplies (food and other important items) here:

I not only recommend this company, if you use the link above, we will get a small referral fee. However, don't let that affect your decision. 

If you've got somewhere else you'd rather buy from, please just go ahead and do so. The idea here is, don't wait any longer.  Decide now and do it. 

Joe Plummer 10.15.08
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