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When Criminals Carry a Badge

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Police shouldn’t be hated, but they shouldn’t be worshiped, either. It’s been said that police are to the state as “the edge is to the knife” – and that’s where the trouble lies, especially when we’re living under the reign of a government that recognizes no limits on its power to control, regiment, and punish people who have done no harm to anyone. 

Historically, most men who chose to become police or sheriffs did so out of commendable motives, often because they wanted to protect innocent people from lawless bullies. How is it, then, that an increasing percentage of police have become lawless bullies? 

Does this reflect an institutional change in law enforcement? Is it a reflection of a de-generate collectivist culture? Or could this be simply the natural, albeit tragic, outgrowth of an innately misguided view of how peace officers should function? 

There’s no serious dispute that the local police have become militarized and federalized, and that this is precisely what the Framers of the Constitution sought to prevent. It’s impossible to be a free republic at home while maintaining an empire abroad: A society organized for imperial power projection internationally will inevitably become a police state domestically. In our case, this process has been accelerated by the 41-year-long war the federal government has fought against the American people in the name of drug prohibition. 

All of these developments, interestingly, are tied into the U.S. government’s involvement in the United Nations. The UN’s Drug War, and the effort to build an international military “Peace Force,” began in 1961. The plan was to devote national military assets -- including our own – to carrying out UN-authorized missions overseas, while consolidating domestic police agencies into a militarized, centrally controlled “Internal Security” force. This was all outlined in the properly notorious State Department Document 7277, “Freedom From War.” 

That program has been the official policy template for both foreign policy and internal security for two generations. So it’s entirely appropriate that this week’s news stories include new developments in Washington’s involvement in UN-facilitated foreign wars, and some genuinely outrageous examples of the now-routine abuses committed by the imperial “internal security” force here at home. 

*Police lie. In fact, they are actually trained to lie. This is an unpleasant fact, but we can’t afford to ignore it. In Seattle, efforts by the media and defense attorneys to obtain evidence of police misconduct can actually result in lawsuits – against those who file the public record requests! 

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  • Is it a crime for people to discuss what they would do to defend themselves against criminal violence by government enforcement agents? According to the Feds, such talk constitutes the offense of “sedition” – and they’re hoping that the just-opened trial of Michigan’s Hutaree Militia will create a precedent to use against other “anti-government extremists”: “`Sedition’ Show Trial of Hutaree Militia Begins in Michigan”






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