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Tragedy & Hope - Excerpts

Tragedy & Hope 101 
Bonus Material


Prior to writing Tragedy and Hope 101, I went through Tragedy and Hope one more time and, in addition to noting where specific topics were discussed, I “typed out” many of the references that I’d highlighted in Quigley’s book. 


Although all of the information below was important enough to transcribe for future reference, I’ve placed a couple of asterisks ** next to some of the information that I felt was particularly important. (If you search this page for **, you’ll find those entries.) Also, I transferred some of the comments I wrote in the margins of the book to this document as well.


  • General summaries will be written in normal text: like this.


  • Actual Text from Quigley's book will be presented in quotes: "like this."


  • My comments will be presented within parenthesis: (like this).


  • All of the material below was typed out manually, so there may be some typos.


  • This document is approximately 50,000 words long.


For a list of all additional bonus material, click here

A PDF of Carroll Quigley's Tragedy & Hope is available here.

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