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Ron Paul in May 3rd 2007 debate

If you can imagine an end to overgrown, unaccountable and invasive government. If you can imagine an America that steers clear of nation building and crony capitalism. 


If you can imagine an America returning to its roots of NO INCOME TAX on the labor of its citizens; then you can imagine what it would mean to elect a true Jeffersonian Conservative to the White House. You HAVE A CHOICE-don't pass it by.  Ron Paul for President in 2008!


After you watch the video below, be sure to check out MSNBC's poll "Who do you think did the best or worst in the following six categories?" Ron Paul is WAY ahead of the predicted frontrunners (Rudy Giuliani and John McCain.)


***If you would like to upload a copy of this video to your own servers (or another video hosting provider) you can get a copy of it here. 

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