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Operation Screw-QE3

"The geniuses at the Federal Reserve have concocted a bold new plan to revive the U.S. economy -- print a bunch of money, loan it to Americans at super low interest rates so they can speculate on rising real estate prices, extract the appreciated equity and spend it on consumer goods. In other words, build an economy of real estate, by real estate, and for real estate. The only problem is we've been there and done that. The last time it almost destroyed the U.S.economy. I guess almost isn't quite good enough for the Fed, so now it's determined to finish the job."




Joe's note: Excellent video with excellent information. I disagree with Peter on one point. He thinks they're doing this out of ignorance. I think nothing could be further from the truth.


Those who created our monetary system intended, from the start, to use it as a way to dominate all governments of the world. (Covered in Tragedy & Hope 101.) They used the dollar to lay the groundwork, but now it's time to transition into a replacement global currency that they control. (When the dollar dies its inevitable death, they will use the chaos to sell their next "solution.") How else could it be done? How else, but through the "necessities" of a global currency meltdown, could they circumvent the barriers of national sovereignty and usher in a new global monetary unit? (For the full version of this story, check out

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