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The "No-Viruses" Thing

Since operation COVID, I've had a handful of people ask me about the claim that viruses do not exist and/or why I don't "tell people" that viruses don't exist.

Here's a reply I provided a while back. For those seeking to sow division, it won't mean anything. For those interested in the actual reason(s), it will provide some perspective. 


People don't realize how difficult it is to work in this space. Anyone who is truly interested in helping others see through propaganda is forced to expend a ton of energy trying to figure out how to "help people" see what is right in front of them. There are psychological barriers that are very difficult to overcome.

Using the recent COVID terror campaign as an example, it's clear that the establishment intentionally misled people into believing the risk of death (to them and to their loved ones) was orders of magnitude higher than it actually was. (Regardless of whatever was causing the observed symptoms/deaths.) It’s also clear that they did this in order to push vaccines.


I want you to imagine that your intent is to help people see that they are NOT facing an apocalyptic threat, and that the mantra "only the vaccine will save you" was total bullshit. Contrary to the narrative "NOBODY IS SAFE," the exact opposite was true...almost everybody was provably safe (using their own numbers). But, again, it’s your job to figure out how to break through the terror and help normal people see that. YOU have to figure out what is most likely to succeed.


Using the simplest and most easily verifiable method I could come up with, I failed to convince FAMILY MEMBERS of the fraud. Literally, asking them to perform this simple calculation and then think about the result was too much to ask: "Divide the number of deaths by the number of people on the planet and look at the result. Does that look like an apocalypse to you?"


Of course, even this approach (as SIMPLE as it was) still required a small amount of research to confirm...but, as I've already stated, during COVID, most people were unwilling or unable to even consider the possibility that their fear was completely detached from the reality of the threat.


That being the case, what are the odds that any of those terrified people would have undertaken the work and research required to conclude with certainty "There is no such thing as viruses?" The odds are zero.


Calling others "idiots" or gate-keepers, for not accepting and repeating that there are no viruses, accomplishes nothing good in my opinion. It divides well-intentioned people against one another and it reeks of a poison-the-well, cointelpro operation to me. (I realize you haven't done this; I appreciate your sincere inquiry.) 

To be clear: I am not averse to the idea that there might not be any viruses. It wouldn't surprise me a bit. But I also don't feel qualified to say one way or the other. And, despite the fact that I haven't let them inject me with anything for decades, if I was attacked by a pack of rabid dogs, I'd PROBABLY get the rabies vaccine. (Maybe you can send me a link to something that explains how people can survive whatever the illness is that rabid dogs transmit so, in the unlikely event I’m jumped by rabid dogs, I’ll have another way to perceive my options.)


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