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Stuff for Jen

I figured I'd put everything here to make it easier to find. All of this will be easier to read on a laptop or desktop. 

Here is the specific exchange I told you about between me and ChatGPT / AI. In this exchange, the AI lists all of the things I'm not exposed to due to my dietary choices:

If you'd like to read the entire thread that I posted about diet / ageing (which includes a PDF of what I eat daily and other general recommendation), you'll find it here:

Regarding the "near death experience" info, here is a very short clip (5 minutes) that Teri thought was really powerful. 


This next one is a lot longer, but it's one of my favorites. A beautiful story of transformation. 

If you'd like to see some more, I posted a YouTube playlist at the link below. (It starts with Lani Leary, but there are 9 other NDE accounts.)


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