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Eugenics a Reassessment - Excerpts

Tragedy and Hope 101

Bonus Material


Editor's note:

Richard Lynn is a prominent psychologist whose research on human intelligence is often cited in articles like "Are we becoming more stupid?" Unfortunately, these articles rarely mention that Richard Lynn is also a hardcore eugenicist.


In his book Eugenics a Reassessment, Lynn argues that governments have the authority to sterilize their citizens if they consider those citizens "undesirable." He uses words like "retarded, psychopathic, and criminal" to describe the prime targets of compulsory sterilization, but his definition of these words would surprise most people. For instance, if you speed in your car, dislike paying taxes, or became a parent in your teens, you're probably a psychopath. (See pages 117 - 118 below.) This might explain why, when the US government forcibly sterilized sixty thousand of its citizens, Lynn claimed that the US should have sterilized sixty million. (See page 42 below.)


Men like Lynn worship political power and despise individual rights. They believe that an authoritarian global government, based on eugenics, is both inevitable and desirable. (They imagine that they will be among the elite in a eugenics-based society; they imagine that they have nothing to fear.) Since it’s almost impossible to describe the extent of their arrogance, I’ve transcribed most of my highlighted references from Lynn’s book (about 50 pages worth) below.  As you read, keep in mind that it was American eugenicists who inspired Hitler.


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