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Decale Examples

If you'd like to order, or want something different, send me an email: or you can contact me through Ebay




Applying the decal is pretty straight forward. Here is a video showing the application of a rear-window decal:


I've had people ask about how difficult it is to remove the decal, so I recorded the removal of a previously installed "large" rear-window decal here: (Note: If it is cold outside, use a hair dryer to "heat up" the vinyl - it will make peeling it off much easier.) 

I have no problem with visibility, but since I've driven vans and box trucks (with no rear-view mirror) I might be biased. Here is a video (It was terribly boring, so I tried to spice it up a little. Make sure your speakers aren't cranked.) 


Not sure why you should support Ron Paul? Here are a few things you can check out. 
The most recent version of "Meet The System" is available online, for free, here: http://MeetTheSystem.ORG
Short on time? Here is a great audio interview:


And, some great videos can be found here: "Funding the (second) American Revolution" 

After you get your decal on, take a picture and send it to us. We're going to collect as many as possible and post them here:

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