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The Corona Shuffle

April 1, 2020

Whenever I see governments and media doing everything possible to terrorize the public, I suspect ulterior motives. Unfortunately, once the public has been properly terrorized it’s very difficult to “un-terrorize” them. In fact, if you dare to express an inadequate level of terror, the terrorized will often unite against you. Put forward a perspective that undermines the certainty of what they feel, and they’re very likely to resent it.

This being the case, I’ve said little during the latest media- / government-orchestrated-terror campaign. I’ve tried to ignore the constant manipulative bombardment as much as possible. It’s my way of preventing “them” from redirecting my focus and energy.


Fortunately, guys like James Corbett are busy pointing out some of the facts that the terrorized should know. If you feel like some of your friends or family haven’t been dragged too deep into the terror tunnel, throw them a line. Something like this 20-minute video might help. It's excellent. 

As for my position regarding all of this, it hasn’t changed. I sent a slightly angrier version of the text below to a friend in early March. (Same ideas, less cursing.)

I believe they’re creating this hysteria to reset their financial house of cards. Everything they're doing right now can only accelerate the financial collapse. And if the economic chaos gets really bad, they'll already have the "lockdown" mechanisms in place. 

Stated another way: In 2008, the US government and banks were rightfully blamed for the financial mess they caused. The public was almost unanimously against the bailouts and furious that nobody was held accountable. Well, the same players went to work creating an even bigger "bubble" / unsustainable economy over the past decade. That bubble has been on the verge of collapsing for months, if not years. Then, in walks an opportunity.

The policies they're implementing to deal with this “crisis” will act as the pin that pops the bubble. Basically, they're going to blame the virus for collapsing the global financial system, at which point they'll be able to push through trillions of dollars worth of bailouts that, absent the crisis, would have been impossible. Everything will be worse than in 2008, but it will all be Corona’s fault.

About 15 million people die every year from infectious diseases. We never shut the world down for those 1.25 million deaths per month, and most people never give their risk of dying from those consistent killers a second thought. This demonstrates the power of the ruling elite to create panic when they want to. 

Just keep in mind: Your odds of dying in the next year have increased by a small fraction of a percent. However, your odds of being looted during the panic are guaranteed. This is just another media-driven-terror campaign, and like all terror campaigns, its true purpose is lost in the shuffle. 

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