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Bush The Decision Maker

Recently President Bush made a big deal out of his idea that he is the "decision maker" in regards to the War in Iraq and that others, including our  elected representatives, should follow his lead or shut up.  

Well, guess what?  This is not a dictatorship. 

Let's review the reasons for the Iraq War.   Informed citizens will immediately recall the reasons for the war were half truths, lies and deceptions.  For instance, there was no link between those using box cutters and the leader of Iraq.   And that those false reasons were cynically morphed into the rational that we are there to create democracy.  

Furthermore, the real reasons we are there are not a credit to our country or our people.  For instance, the real reasons in no particular order are: destabilize the region on behalf of Israel; defend the dollar and destroy the new Iraq monetary system which would compete with our fiat dollar pegged to oil; control the regions mineral wealth; sustain and advance a special interest economic empire; hide political accountability for failed US leadership by creating a war which requires massive spending and borrowing;  build permanent and strategic military bases;  and to promote a massive expansion of centralized presidential power.  
The new troop surge plan is more than a bad idea.  It will keep us there longer.  Further, it is devised to allow for the staging of a new war with Iran.  The history of neo conservative plans, PNAC style, calls for it.  The tip off is the ongoing jaded rhetoric attacking Iran and calls for intervention.  Furthermore, President Carter's former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinsiki, has just advised some in the Senate that a military option is real.  This should jar even the most gentle of readers as he is the ultimate insider who, along with David Rockefeller, founded the Trilateral Commission. They both put  global elite rule above the self determination of  citizens within nation states. It is not advisable for Americans or Iranians to disregard Brzinski's warning of another war forged upon a false flag event.  
And, while the American people focus on the war to create democracy they are loosing theirs.   Our borders are left open.  Behind the scenes special interests, such as, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg, coupled with their inside connections within our government, such as President Bush,  continue to proceed to put their anti American agenda, as well as, their clique of special interest insiders ahead of the best interests of our country and people.  

For instance, the plan to break down our government with a new North American Union using the Security Prosperity Partnership (SPP) is ongoing.  It is another extension of Representative Gingrich's and President Clinton's NAFTA which has been disastrous for American workers and others.   And, it is proceeding with the help of covert sections of the federal bureaucracy and by recent presidential signings between USA, Mexico and Canada.  If you don't know about this or the "slab" you, dear reader, don't know what is going on. And, if not- why not?  
It is time to review.  Informed citizens realize that Bush and Congress lack the Constitutional authority to go beyond our borders to engage in nation building, aka, knocking off foreign leaders and setting up puppet governments.  Similarly, our elected leaders have no authority to provoke or start wars for any reason, especially phony reasons.  Their job is to defend our borders and repel attack.  
Additionally, the president and our representatives lack  Constitutional authority to propel any new form of regional or global government which interferes with this nations Constitution or with the rights of our citizens.  Actually, efforts to do so are treasonous and are an affront to the very foundation of our country and culture.   It is time to decide and take action.   Get on the phone and write your representatives and members of the press.  Tell them your concerns.

We need a swift exit strategy from Iraq and Afghanistan.   Troop surge money should be withheld.  We need a new foreign policy based upon the sound principle of non interventionism which was advocated by Presidents Jefferson and Washington.     

Bush, the self proclaimed decision maker, needs to be impeached by Congress for numerous reasons.   And,  Congress should make all necessary efforts to end it's and the President's foolish, dangerous, and anti American efforts to  create any form of   regional or  global rule which empowers corporate, political and academic elites at the expense of the people who are protected by the Constitution and by their natural rights.
The willful efforts by  unlawful anti Constitutionalists can be stopped. It is up to each of us, no matter our position or party,  to make it happen.  

James Arft   
Author is an independent; supports Ron Paul for president 2008; local
candidate 2006; member America First National Committee 2002-2006

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