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AOL Citizenship Quiz

I'm so used to seeing things in the "Mainstream Press" that are just DEAD WRONG, not much surprises me anymore. Lies, spin, inaccurate "facts" are (sadly) a common occurrence these days. ...But this was just absurd.


I don't know what upset me more: That AOL was telling people who chose the "right answer" that they had chosen the "wrong answer" OR, that most of the population would probably believe (uncritically) that they HAD in fact "chosen the wrong answer" and would accept the "right answer" AOL gave them! Sorry, when it comes to things like "our rights,"  I'm a little touchy these days. How could a mistake so obvious make it past AOL's editors?


AOL Citizenship quiz:


First Question: Which list contains three rights or freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights?


Correct answer is B: Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press... (First Amendment.)


Here is a screencapture of what happened when I chose the correct answer (You might need to "scale down" your media player a little for a clear view of the text)


I went back and checked today to see if they changed it...they changed it alright, but unbelievably it is STILL wrong.

Now the quiz offers THREE correct answers, but only gives credit for choosing one of them. Are we not supposed to notice stuff like this?


The quiz (in whatever form it exists now) can be found here:


  • Update: If you couldn't get the videos to load, here are screen shots:


From Yesterday: ScreenShot 1      ScreenShot 2      ScreenShot 3


From Today: ScreenShot 1      Screenshot 2 (Freedom of press or religion marked "wrong.")

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