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Censorship Resistant

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to bury digital content or erase it completely. This is one of the reasons why I made my first book, Dishonest Money, available at “bulk prices” of $5 that anyone who wanted to hand out copies could more easily afford to do so.

Well, the powers that shouldn’t be are ramping up censorship and manipulating search results that refer to the Federal Reserve System. (See James Corbett’s video below.) In response, I’m ramping up your ability to resist that censorship. 

You can now purchase physical copies of Dishonest Money in bulk for $1 each. This price includes Media Mail shipping to the United States. How can I do this and not "lose money?" I can't, and I don't care. I'm covering costs to make it easier for you to expose the criminals that seek to enslave us further.  

Choose the number of copies you'd like to purchase from the dropdown below. (Limit 40 copies. If you need more, contact me first.)

**This offer is only available to US citizens. If you're outside of the US, the shipping costs will be significantly higher. Contact me first if you'd like a quote. Or, simply share the free online version at 

**If you would like to donate to help cover the cost, you can do so here.

YouTube / Google Buries James Corbett's "Century of Enslavement" in Search Results
Alex Jones interview, recorded in 2012
James Corbett's "Century of Enslavement." 
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