Censorship Resistant

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to bury digital content or erase it completely. This is one of the reasons why I made my first book, Dishonest Money, available at “bulk prices” of $5 that anyone who wanted to hand out copies could more easily afford to do so.

Well, the powers that shouldn’t be are apparently ramping up censorship and manipulating search results that refer to the Federal Reserve System. (See James Corbett’s video below.) In response, I’d like to ramp up your ability to resist that censorship.

If you are willing to purchase (1) copy of Dishonest Money for $25 (shipping included), I will send you (44) additional copies for free. That’s not a typo. You will receive (45) copies for a total cost of $25. This is for US only. (If you’re outside the US the books will still be free, but the shipping costs will be much higher. Write me first and I'll get you a price.)

**Press "Buy Now" to purchase 45 copies of Dishonest Money for $25. The $25 cost includes Media Mail shipping to US addresses only. (Contact me if you need a different payment or shipping option.)

**If you would like to donate to help cover the cost of the free books, you can do so here.

YouTube / Google Buries James Corbett's "Century of Enslavement" in Search Results
Alex Jones interview, recorded in 2012
James Corbett's "Century of Enslavement." 
2015 Edition
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